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The One with the October Instagram Challenges {Week Four}

Hey guys! Welcome back! It’s the beginning of a new month so that means the end of my October Instagram challenges! I wasn’t able to finish them but I had fun creating photos on the days that I had time, anyway.

First of all, I hope everyone had a great Halloween! So many awesome costumes and makeup looks were posted on Instagram and I enjoyed seeing them all! I had to work unfortunately but my boyfriend was able to take our son out trick or treating. He was a ninja and a super cute one at that! 😉

I have a couple updates for you! The first is that my copier has taken down their stolen version of my website!! I actually never heard back from their host when I emailed them so I don’t know if they were the reason or not. However it came to be, I am glad it’s done with. Hopefully it won’t happen again and I hope none of my fellow bloggers ever have to deal with that!

Secondly, for those that remember, I was/am having some health issues. I finally got my ultrasound results and follow up doctor’s appointment last week. It basically confirmed what we already knew – that I have cysts on my ovaries – but it also showed that I have endometriosis. I’ve actually always assumed I had that because I have all the symptoms but it’s nice when a doctor can verify it so you’re not just guessing.

I’m not in as much pain as I was a few weeks ago thankfully so we’re hoping that means the cysts are shrinking and will go away on their own. I’ll have a follow up ultrasound to make sure. My only worry at this point is having a cyst rupture because that has already happened to me and it’s an incredibly shocking and intense pain that I don’t want to experience again!!

Not to make this a novel but I’m curious if anyone else has endometriosis. I know it’s actually pretty common. What are your ways of treating it? My doctor suggested the birth control pill for me which apparently helps get rid of cysts. I will also be able to skip my period which is the most painful time. She told me that I will have a hard time conceiving any more children but I am fine with that because I have my son and I wasn’t planning on having more. I know for some women this would be very devastating news and I feel for them.

Anyway, on to my Instagram photos for the week!

Non-challenge photos are below.

Some Asian sheet masks I bought from a local “kawaii” type gift shop:

A makeup and skincare haul from

I got balayage done to my hair last week:

An Amazon makeup and skincare haul:

That’s all! You can tell when I’m working a lot because I can’t participate in the challenges as much as I would love to. For November, I want to think of a different title for these posts that represents the “chatty” aspect of it. But that’s just me thinking out loud.

Happy November 1st everyone! 😀

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