MorpheMe LiveGlam October 2017 Brushes
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The One with the MorpheMe October 2017 Box

Hello everyone!! It has been forever since I last got my MorpheMe subscription! So long in fact that I see that they have dropped the hashtag from the name! XD

With this subscription, you can skip months so every month, I login to my account and choose the option to skip. I have an overabundance of brushes and I only opt to get the month’s brushes if there is a brush that really catches my fancy!

The last time I got this box was back in May!! And I will wholeheartedly admit that receiving this month’s box was just one giant mistake! For the first time, I forgot to skip!! I didn’t know I was getting them until I got the “Hooray! Your brushes have shipped!” email! XD

MorpheMe LiveGlam October 2017 Brushes
After swearing at myself internally, I raced on over to the LiveGlam website to find out what October’s brushes were and I was very pleased to find out that this month’s brushes are actually awesome and I’m happy I forgot to skip!! XD

What is it? MorpheMe Brush Club (referral link)
How much is it? $19.99 USD
Ships to? Worldwide
Shipping costs? $4.99 USD for Canada; Free for US; $7 USD International
What’s inside? $30+ USD worth of Morphe brushes (3-7 brushes)

October’s brushes were created for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and so they have a cute pink handle with pink ferrule and white bristles. They are such pretty looking brushes! There were 5 in total included. Description will be taken from LiveGlam’s October blog post!

Morphe PK45 Angle Brow Brush

PK45 Angle Brow
This natural hair PK45 Angle Brow brush is great for creating sharp lines with powder or cream products. You can use it to fill your brows with pomade or brow powder, to line your eyes with a fierce wing, or to carve out a cut crease! An angle brush is also good for lining your lips with lipstick to get a sharp cupid’s bow or cleaning the outside of your lip line with concealer for crazy precision.

Morphe PK4 Contour Blush Brush

PK4 Contour Blush
This PK4 Contour Blush brush is a dense, tapered brush that will chisel out a defined contour for you! This natural hair brush is very dense on one end while flaring out to some fluffiness. You can apply a lot of pigment with this brush, and also blend out a smooth edge. This shape makes it great for getting a very chiseled, but also seamless, contour.

Morphe PK14 Tapered Powder Brush

PK14 Tapered Powder
Your PK14 Tapered Powder brush is a versatile face brush to handle whatever you need! You can use this super soft, natural hair brush to apply powder foundation, setting powder, blush, contour and a cherry on top! This brush has long bristles and a rounded, tapered tip that allows you to pack on a dense amount of powder or blend out a nice, light coverage.

Morphe PK524 Oval Shadow Brush

PK524 Oval Shadow
Your PK524 Oval Shadow brush is a perfect companion to your blending brush! This natural brush has flat, oval-shaped bristles with a soft, tapered tip. You can use this brush to pack on a dense amount of color to your lid, to define your outer crease with some depth, or to create a smudgy lower lash line! This brush is also good to apply glitter, contour your nose, or pack on some highlighter!

Morphe PK36 Tapered Blending Brush

PK36 Tapered Blending
Your PK36 Tapered Blending brush is perfect for defining a crease! This natural hair brush has long, tapered bristles but is relatively small in size for a fluffy blending brush. You can apply pigment in exact preciseness while still getting very smooth transitions. Because of its size, this brush works beautifully on smaller eyes and can be used to create a smokey under eye! As with any good blending brush, you can also use it to apply highlighter to your face!


I swear these are the softest brushes I have ever felt! Not only are they so soft to the touch but on the face as well! Sometimes I’ll feel a brush in my hand and think it’s soft but once I use it on the face, it feels a bit prickly. That is not the case with these at all!

Because I love powder brushes so much, I’m definitely the most excited about the Tapered Powder brush! It’s so big and fluffy; I know I’m going to enjoy it! Also, the Contour Blush brush will get a lot of use from me. I’m also happy to get the Oval Shadow and Tapered Blending brushes because I’m still searching for great eyeshadow brushes.

Unlike previous months, I was not able to provide a retail value. Past brushes have been available to purchase from Morphe’s website but unfortunately these ones are not!

What do you think of this month’s brushes? Do you think there is ever such a thing as “too many” brushes? Let me know your thoughts!



10 thoughts on “The One with the MorpheMe October 2017 Box”

  1. I am going to check out this subscription… eventually lol. I have a few Morphe brushes and I really like them. Many people have said they don’t like them, or have had issues, but so far so good with me. I hear ya on the too many brushes! At one point in time I had just a small, but good amount of MAC brushes I loved and used daily. I now have so many brushes I sometimes don’t know what to do with them!! lol.. still I’ll buy more. 🙂


    1. I really like the Morphe brushes I own too. Many of them have become favourites in my collection! I have a gazillion brushes but I always want more too! There’s a few brushes that I still feel like I haven’t found a favourite for yet so I’m still searching! 🙂


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