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The One with October’s Instagram Challenges {Week Two}

Hello again!

I was a little absent from the blog this week. Since heading back to work, I’m back to not having as much spare time to work on it. I have so many posts planned but no time to take the photos in daylight! I hope I am able to do some bulk photo taking on Tuesday but not only do I have my ultrasound appointment but I have to try to get my car in to get the battery looked at so that takes a good chunk of my day away.

On the 23rd is my nephew’s 2nd birthday so I’ll be taking a trip to my sister’s house for the weekend, along with my son and a few other family members! Every year, his birthdays are a little extra special because he has SMA. His little sister had SMA and unfortunately passed away shortly after turning 1. It’s a terrible disease that takes children way too soon but luckily, my nephew is in a new program that has helped him tremendously!

On Friday, my boyfriend got hit by a car on his bike! Luckily, he is okay minus a few scrapes and bruises. I just wish it knocked enough sense into him to start wearing a helmet. -_- This city has a bad rep for hitting cyclists and it’s exactly why I refuse to ride a bike on the roads here, even though I love to ride bikes.

I have had a hard time keeping up with my challenges this week due to work and other things but here is what I managed to complete!

If you want to enter my Instagram giveaway, here’s the picture to do so:

La-Roche Posay Haul:

Thanks for reading and/or looking! 😀 Have a wonderful week! ❤



13 thoughts on “The One with October’s Instagram Challenges {Week Two}”

  1. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend getting hit!! My husband actually got hit by a car while walking in May of 16′ he suffered lumbar injuries and still has a lot of back pain and issues from that accident. It’s actually been a nightmare with his pain and injuries. I hope your boyfriend is doing alright and does decide to wear his helmet!! It could have been a lot worse!!! It’s so scary!


    1. Wow! That is crazy what happened to your boyfriend. I can only imagine all the pain he is going through still. My dad got hit by a car a few years back as well and broke his foot but it really screwed up his life for a long time. Drivers really need to start paying more attention and stop being in such a hurry. Too many careless ones these days.

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      1. I totally agree with you! I think the guy who hit my husband was texting! He tried saying he didn’t hit him at all, as my husband was thrown to the ground, the impact took off the guys side mirror and cracked his window… plus my nephew was with him (didn’t get hit) and a few others saw what happened as well. It’s unbelievable. That’s awful about your dad! Way too many careless drivers. It’s terrible!


      2. I can’t believe he would try to say that he didn’t even hit him! Wow, the nerve of some people. I won’t text and drive at all. I see a lot of drivers on their phones unfortunately.


    1. SMA aka Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetic disease that affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord, taking away the ability to walk, eat or breathe. Most SMA kids don’t make it past 2. 😦 My nephew is in a new trial that gives him injections and he is able to move, sit, etc. which he never would have been able to do if not for the program. It unfortunately was just in the beginning stages when my niece was diagnosed and she wasn’t able to take advantage of it.


  2. Hi lovely, wow what a crazy week! Luckily your boyfriend’s fine! Ugh men can be so stubborn at times… So sad to hear about your niece that she died so soon. It’s terrible for parents to see both of their children have the disease. Hopefully, the new treatment will help him on the long run also. Yes, I also like to take pics with good lighting! I usually do that on sundays… Lovely pics! xoxo Sarah


  3. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the blog, it’s no big deal though! I really enjoy your instagram challenge posts, especially the Harry potter themes.
    That’s terrible about your boyfriend getting hit by a car!! =O I’m glad he’s okay, that’s scary! Stupid drivers need to watch where they’re going…
    Enjoy your weekend with family!


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