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The One with the Instagram September Beauty Challenge 2017 {Week Four}

Happy Sunday all! Before I get into my post, I figured I would update you guys on my health problems. Last you knew I was heading back to the doctor. I have to take 2 weeks off work! They don’t know what is causing the dizziness but they don’t think it is related to the cysts on my ovaries or the pain medication they gave me for it. They are hoping it goes away on it’s own… gee thanks, me too…

And to make matters worse, since Friday I have been experiencing extremely sharp pains in my left side, kind of below the rib cage and at the same time, sharp pains in my left shoulder. Googling your symptoms always brings up scary results. I just hope it goes away soon or else I’ll be going back to the doctor’s again.

Now on to more cheery things!! This was the final week of the challenge I am participating in on my Instagram. The challenge is called the “September Beauty Challenge 2017” and is hosted by Rachel and Nerida. Week one photos are here, week two photos are here and week three photos are here!


It feels so good to have gotten through the entire challenge without missing a day! I had a lot of fun creating pictures! I may or may not join in on an October challenge. What I might do is just pick and choose which days I am able to do so I don’t overwhelm myself.

I hope you are all doing well and I bet you are excited for the Fall weather, finally!! 😀 I still need to pick up my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!



17 thoughts on “The One with the Instagram September Beauty Challenge 2017 {Week Four}”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems! Here’s hoping everything sorts itself out sooner rather than later! I loved all of your instagram posts, but I’ve gotta say, I’m glad the challenge is over. I’m going to take a break now lol.


      1. That’s funny that you say that. I don’t believe you… because now you’ve joined three more all done at the same time!!! That’s so much harder you crazy lol.


      2. Lol it sounds crazy. Right now I’m off work though so I have some time on my hands. 😅 But when I go back next week, I figure it will be too stressful so I won’t put pressure on myself to make sure I do every day of each one!

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  2. That’s amazing that you stuck with it and did it everyday! Your pictures came out so pretty, loved them 😊 Also, I really hope your doctor is able to figure everything out and get you on the road to recovery 💕


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