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The One with the Instagram September Beauty Challenge 2017 {Week Two}

I planned on getting this post ready this weekend but I’ll be honest, I’ve been working so much lately, I just haven’t found the time and it slipped my mind. Anyone else feel like they’ve been worked a little too hard lately? I’m very tired but mostly my body is feeling it. I definitely need a break. >_<

So if you’re unaware, I’m participating in a challenge on my Instagram this month called the “September Beauty Challenge 2017” which is hosted by Rachel and Nerida. I’ve already shared my week one shots in this post! Today, I will be sharing another week’s worth of the challenge!

I definitely struggled to get some of these shots taken due to my time constraints but I guess that is why they are called a “challenge.” 😉 I did what I could and I hope you enjoy!


And that’s all for now! I’ve been loving seeing everyone’s photos in this challenge! Let me know your Instagram in the comments so we can follow each other!



7 thoughts on “The One with the Instagram September Beauty Challenge 2017 {Week Two}”

  1. I love these kinds of challenges- wish I caught onto it sooner! Also, your photos are all so pretty, especially that mascara one. Can’t believe I haven’t been following you on Instagram all this time you’re one of my faves on here haha, followed now! xx


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