The One with “A Month of Shopping” July 2017

I am so behind on all my blog posts and I’m trying to play catch up so please forgive me! After this one, I just have my July empties to do before my August sub boxes start rolling in.

On that note, what do you guys think of month specific posts being “late?” Is it even a big deal? For me, I’d rather have my posts be a few days late than rush them and have them incomplete or filled with mistakes. I personally don’t mind reading month specific posts during the following month on other blogs but I’m curious what you guys think.

Back to my post. Every month, I like to share with you guys what I purchased. While I do try to keep my spending to a minimum, I am a natural born shopper. It’s in my genes, ok! I swear it got passed down to me by my mom. So let’s take a look at what I splurged on in July!

Urban Planet In-Store

I really enjoy shopping at Urban Planet. They always have great sales and even their regular prices aren’t bad. I usually find a lot of stuff I want to buy. I went in looking at the boy’s section for my son but of course ended up in the women’s section too!

I bought two sets of 5 fun socks! They were regularly priced at $7.99 a piece but because they were on sale, they were around $4.99. I can’t remember the exact price but I know it was less than $5. These ones I had to get because they are mermaid theme!

This set is animal faces and that was cute enough for me to buy them. But imagine my surprise when I pull them out of the packaging when I got home and I see they have little ears!!! I think my heart grew 3 sizes that day.  XD


I also bought this super cute romper. It’s weird buying stuff in store because I am so used to buying online! I find it very difficult to find things I like unless I have a lot of time to spend in the store to go through each rack. I like how online everything is visible! But the plus side of shopping in store is I can try stuff on. I found another adorable romper but after trying it on, it just didn’t look right on me. But this one looked very flattering and only cost $9.99 marked down from $19.99.
Check it out here!

Early in July, it was Amazon Prime day. It’s supposed to be a big event with huge sales but I don’t often find the sales that mind blowing. I don’t think I bought anything last year. I think the sales on are probably way better. This year, I did see a few items that caught my fancy.

I knew I needed some new lightning cables for my iPhone and iPad so I checked to see if any were on sale. I got this set of 2 6-feet cables from Amazon Basics for $14. They were regularly priced at $21.99 at the time.
Check it out here!

Something I’ve been thinking of purchasing for a long time is an oil diffuser. I got this one from VicTsing. It is small and it was priced pretty cheap compared to the other ones on Amazon. It cost me $24.29 down from $31.99.
Check it out here!

To go with my oil diffuser, I obviously needed some essential oils! These ones from ArtNaturals were such a great deal. They cost $26.21 down from $39.95 and it comes with 16 essential oils! There was a set of 8 I was going to originally buy because I didn’t see the 16-set. The set of 16 was only $5 or so more expensive so I opted to get this one instead!
Check it out here!

FabFitFun Summer Warehouse Sale

FabFitFun was having a sale on some of their products in what they call their Summer Warehouse Sale. I don’t normally buy from them unless it is add-ons that ship free with my subscription. But they had this Pur-lisse Duo that included the Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum, which is my favourite eye serum, and the Daily Lip Nourisher, which I’ve recently discovered to be great. The duo cost $20 USD plus $10 USD shipping. In Canadian dollars, it cost me just shy of $40. To buy these items together at full price, I would have paid $81 USD ($102.48 CAD). So despite having to pay for shipping, this was still a great deal!!

Independent In-Store

In July, my little family took a road trip to Quebec. On the way, we stopped at this grocery store which is the same as a Loblaws or Superstore. There was a bunch of Physicians Formula products on sale for half price (no Butter Bronzer unfortunately). My boyfriend was being a bit of a you know what so he ended up buying me this Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes for $9.94. It definitely got him out of the dog house for a little while.  XD I’ve been wanting to give this product a go after hearing Drea CN rave about it on YouTube.
Check it out here!

Flea Market

During our trip, we stopped at a giant flea market. There was all sorts of cool stuff but I have to say, flea markets have really changed from when I was a kid. I’m going to make myself sound really old or something!  XD I’m only 30… but I always remember flea markets to be second hand items that are being sold for cheap! Apparently that’s not how they work anymore. There’s a lot of brand new stuff that isn’t even discounted. And a lot of the second hand stuff was way overpriced. I only ended up buying a few small things for my son and one item for myself. This Eevee lanyard that was part of a 3 for $10 deal (we all chose one).

Winners In-store

I had to make a trip to Winners to pick up my favourite dry shampoo from Batiste in the scent “tropical.” I was disappointed to see they raised the price from $6.99 to $7.99. It’s still a better price than buying at the drug store though.

I also purchased this N.01 Pro Palette from Klara Cosmetics. This is a brand recommended again by my favourite YouTuber, Drea CN. She did a video on makeup found at Winners and unexpectedly found out this Australian brand made great eyeshadow. This cost me $12.99, although it costs $29.99 AUD ($30.09 CAD). I can’t wait to play with this!
Check it out here!

Along with all these items, I also made some Sephora orders in July (you can see my post about that here) but that’s it! I don’t think I went too crazy.

Anyway, I enjoyed sharing my purchases with you! What did you guys buy this month!?

xoxo, Tigritsa


8 thoughts on “The One with “A Month of Shopping” July 2017”

  1. I always like reading these month of shopping posts, those animal socks are SO CUTE!!
    I didn’t really see anything I needed in the amazon prime day sales, but you found some really great deals! I have no idea how FabFitFun is able to offer such great deals all the time, even with the shipping. If they send me another $10 off code to resubscribe I’m going to sign up for the fall box!


    1. Thank you, they are fun to write!

      I feel like Canadians get a raw deal for the Amazon Prime day… the American Amazon had waaaay better deals.

      The one good thing if you do sign up for FFF again, the dollar is better right now!!


      1. American Amazon is almost always better, it’s the worst!
        Yes that’s true!! Hopefully the dollar stays up 😁
        Also, to answer your qestion I don’t think that late posts are really that big of a deal, unless it’s crazy late, like a few months late. It would be weird for example to post May favorites right now. But that’s just my thoughts. It’s barely the second week of August though so I think July posts are fair game ☺


      2. Yeah I totally agree it would be weird to post a few months late! But as long as it’s just the previous month, it shouldn’t be a big deal, I hope! I think I just always feel so behind because so many blogs get their monthly posts up so quick. Some months I do, others I fall behind because of work and family obligations!


      3. I don’t know how some blogger’s have the time to keep such an immaculate posting schedule! But the only schedule that should matter is your own, and if you’re behind your readers should understand. Adulting is tough sometimes haha


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