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The One with the Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Glam Sense Box


Hello wonderful people! Every now and then, I get sent some products from a lovely review club called Glam Sense! It is powered through Topbox and anyone can join, by the way. It’s never required for me to do a blog post but every once in awhile, I feel compelled to share my reviews with you guys when I’m impressed with a product.

I was surprised to learn that the brand Roger & Gallet has been around since 1862 (that’s 155 years ago!) because until I received this package, I had never heard of it before. They originated in France and have just recently popped up on the Sephora website!

I was sent 4 products from their Aura Mirabilis skin care line. These products are made with the properties of 18 distilled officinal plants. They do not contain parabens, silicones, dyes or mineral oils, and they are composed of 95% natural ingredients.

One interesting thing about these products is that the boxes don’t really explain much about how to use what is inside! Some of the products I was sent had strange names like “Beauty Vinegar” and “Double Extract” so I turned to the back of the box to get some directions. I wanted to make sure I was using everything in the right order, too. But there was no useful info on the boxes. I luckily ended up guessing correctly how to use the products. I also later discovered that Sephora had excellent descriptions on their website which were way more helpful than what was actually written on the product boxes.

Let’s take a closer look at each individual product.

Aura Mirabilis Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask

This cleanser is very interesting because it starts out as a gel but when you start rubbing it into your skin, it turns to oil! It doesn’t strip your skin of moisture and it provides a gentle clean. My skin is left feeling very soft afterwards and there is no oily film or stickiness leftover on the face after rinsing.

It is great at removing makeup and I actually use this product as the first step in my cleansing routine rather than the only step. For me, it doesn’t feel like enough of a cleanse on it’s own. I prefer more of a deep cleanse that gets down into my pores because I am prone to breakouts.

In addition to using this as a cleanser or makeup remover, you can also use it as a mask. There were no instructions on the bottle that indicated how long to keep it on. I left it on for ten minutes but I didn’t see any results different from when I used it as a cleanser so I don’t plan on using it as a mask again. According to the Sephora website, you’re supposed to leave it for 3 minutes.

It has a light floral scent which is quite pleasant and a nice clear squeeze tube that lets you see how much is in there. I find this cleanser very affordable too at $25 CAD.

More details from Sephora:

What it is:
A two-in-one formula that can be used as a daily cleanser to gently remove makeup and impurities, or as a detox mask to revive skin’s radiance.

Solutions for:
– Dryness
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Oiliness

If you want to know more…
This cleansing mask combines the properties of 18 distilled officinal plants with helianthus oil, which is known for its ability to trap impurities and pollution particles that remain on the skin after cleansing with soap. Its gel texture transforms into an extra-fine oil on contact with the skin, then becomes a lotion when rinsed with water. When you use it as a daily cleanser, it gently removes makeup and impurities, to leave skin feeling clean and supple. When it’s used as a mask, it works to detoxify the skin deep down and revive radiance.

Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinegar

My first thought was “what’s a beauty vinegar?!” This is essentially a toner. But don’t let the name fool you – this does not smell like vinegar! It actually smells quite nice – somewhat floral-y. I feel like having vinegar in the name of this product could be offputting for some customers but I hope people give it a chance because it is great!

It has amazing exfoliating properties and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth without irritating it. I experience absolutely zero tightness or dryness after using this. It also does not leave an oily film, even though it needs to be shaken up to mix. It helps even out my skin tone and reduce my redness. My pores appear smaller, also. I feel like it preps my skin perfectly for the next step in my routine.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this product. It’s very affordably priced at $25 CAD!

More details from Sephora:

What it is:
A priming, exfoliating primer to help smooth, refine skin’s texture, and clarify the complexion.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Pores
– Uneven skintone

If you want to know more…
Ideal for prepping the skin, this formula should be used as a toner, just after cleansing. It helps to gently eliminate dead cells, while preparing the skin for the products that follow. It leaves skin feeling smooth, refines skin’s texture, and helps to tighten pores and clarify the complexion, so that every day, skin looks luminous, pure and radiant.

Towards the end of the 18th century, cleansing vinegars, formulated with natural essences and fruit vinegars, were used for their astringent and exfoliating properties. Inspired by these toners of the past, the Beauty Vinegar harnesses is infused with 96 percent naturally derived ingredients with the properties of 18 officinal plants that are infused with a fruit vinegar.

Aura Mirabilis Double Extract

This was the second product where I had to take a second to determine what it was exactly. Because who really knows what a “Double Extract” is at first?! It turns out to be a serum that you use after the Beauty Vinegar.

I absolutely adore the packaging. The glass bottle is very nice and I love how is it designed to dispense the perfect amount of product for the face and neck (don’t neglect the neck, ladies!). You need to shake this product up before using. I did forget one time but luckily it was fine and performed the same.

I find this serum to absorb very quickly into the skin and it doesn’t leave any greasiness or stickiness behind. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. My skin looks radiant and it definitely helps with reducing my redness, as well. It also has anti-aging properties to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s hard to say how it performs in that area after only using the product for a couple of weeks. Using anti-aging products at a young age is more of a preventative thing.

The scent is a little different from the rest of the line – I smell a lot more citrus in this than the other products and I love it. It’s my favourite scent of the bunch! This is a lot more pricey than the previous two products at $65 CAD.

More details from Sephora:

What it is:
An ultra-concentrated, bi-phase serum that works to visibly reduce the signs of aging, minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines, and reveal radiance.

Solutions for:
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Dryness

If you want to know more…
A true concentrate of youthfulness, the Double-Extract is an essential step in the Aura Mirabilis ritual. It helps to nurture the skin’s barrier, promote cell regeneration, to smooth the skin, and visibly reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. The non-oily, bi-phase serum harnesses the properties of 18 officinal plants, combined with plant-based hyaluronic acid. The complexion is left looking revived and moisturized, while your skin reveals a new radiance.

Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream

This cream appears thick in its jar but that is not the case at all. It melts upon contact with the skin and is actually quite light. Since it spreads out on the skin so nicely, a little bit goes a long way. I like that the jar is filled up to the top so what you see is what you get! It also has a nice light floral scent.

I find this cream to be very moisturizing and I love that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any stickiness. As an oily skinned gal, I do find it a little too shiny for me to use it during the day without makeup but that is my only complaint. I have used it under makeup and it’s a fantastic base. Some moisturizers can cause pilling when using foundation on top but this one does not.

Like the Double Extract, this cream contains anti-aging properties. I’m sure with continuous use, it can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. What it definitely does is even out my skin tone, brighten up and smooth my skin.

It costs a whopping $55 CAD!

More details from Sephora:

What it is:
A cream that melts into the skin upon application, helping to smooth and even out skintone while revealing the skin’s natural radiance.

Solutions for:
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Dryness

If you want to know more…
Inspired by beauty recipes from the past, designed to even out skintone, and enriched with lily water, this cream works to smooth and even out skintone. It reveals your skin’s natural radiance, and by providing continuous hydration, it helps to reduce skin discomfort.

The formula harnesses all the natural properties of 18 distilled officinal plants, combined with an extract of fresh white lily flowers. The micro-emulsion texture melts into the skin upon application, offering the perfect balance of freshness and comfort, and leaves a silky finish.

The Verdict: I was super impressed with this Aura Mirabilis line of products! There is one more product belonging to this line and it is called the “Legendary Fluid.” It sounds a lot like the Legendary Cream but more suitable for oily skin! I was unfortunately not sent that product so I can’t review it for you.

Two out of four of these products have become huge favourites for me. Those were the Beauty Vinegar and the Double Extract. I can see myself purchasing these for myself in the future. The only one I can’t see myself buying is the Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask since I can buy cleansing oils for cheaper that work just as well. While I like the Legendary Cream a lot, I’m very curious about the Fluid so I think I’d purchase that first to try before getting the Cream again.

Thanks to Glam Sense, I discovered a brand I would have never known or thought to try! I want to share a picture of the box Roger & Gallet packaged the products in. Isn’t it nice?! I’m keeping it for sure! They also provided a pamphlet that gave more information on the products (although, silly me, I lost it the day I opened my package but luckily found it).

That’s all for my review today! Thanks so much for reading and I hope it was informative enough. I 100% recommend checking these products out! I’ll definitely be looking into more products from Roger & Gallet after seeing the quality of these ones.

xoxo, Tigritsa

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    1. Yeah they are similar but I think just Canadian, but I’m not 100% sure on that. I tend to get a lot of stuff to review from Glam Sense. Not so much from Influenster lol. Although I did get a Revlon mascara recently.

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      1. Yes! I’ve gotten so many great boxes to review from them! Bobbi Brown, Lise Watier, Cetaphil, Vichy, Dove, Teeez, Biore, John Frieda, Vaseline, Roger & Gallet… I’ve been super lucky with them! It helps that they are pretty new (a year or 2) so probably don’t have a huge member list and I’ve been a member since the beginning.


  1. i joined glamsense recently but i still haven’t got anything from them.
    I love the box that you got! i have recently heard about this brand and i am really curious to try their products.


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