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The One with the FabFitFun Summer 2017 Box

Sorry this post is so late! I received my box so late in the month last month and then I was off to Generation Beauty right away, and then I had a few more posts that I had to get written before this one. So I finally have some time! All I can say is I can’t wait for my holidays in 10 days!!

This season’s FabFitFun is, as I expected, incredible. I’m pretty much always happy with my box from them but I always find their spring and summer boxes my favourite. The box’s design this month is so nice! I love all the detail and if you look closely, you can see items from inside the box drawn on the outside! I also loved this month’s product booklet because it’s in the style of a newspaper!

So let’s take a look at what’s inside the box!

What is it? FabFitFun Box
How much is it? $49.99 USD quarterly or $179.99 USD yearly
Ships to? Canada & US
Shipping costs? $8 USD per month; Free for US
What’s inside? Full size, premium beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products, valued $200+

First, I want to show the CHOICE items. For those that aren’t familiar with Choice, FabFitFun introduced this new feature last season for annual members. With Choice, you get to choose between 2-3 products but you only get a hint about what they are. You can also choose multiple options if you pay an extra $10 for the other item you want.

The first choice we had to make was between Artist, Chef, and Traveller. Basically we would receive a surprise item from one of those categories. The second choice we had to make was between Beauty and Fitness.

Understated Leather On The Road Again Travel Set
So for my first choice, I chose traveller. I figured whatever it was, it would come in handy for my Toronto trip. It turned out to be this passport cover and luggage tag set. That would have worked for me if I had been flying but unfortunately it didn’t come in handy for a road trip! And I should point out that I don’t even have a passport! I do love the way they look, though. They are a beautiful metallic copper type colour and I should also point out that they are vegan leather! I’ll put the luggage tag on my suitcase and I guess I will save the passport cover for when I finally decide to get my passport.
Retail Value: $28 USD

The Artist choice was a Ready, Set, Create! Art Kit by Amy Tangerine and the Chef choice was a Himalayan Pink Salt Kit by Salted. I definitely would have chosen the chef option if I knew ahead of time what we were getting. I still like what I got, though.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
For my second choice, I chose beauty. I’m so happy I did because I got this full size dry shampoo from Klorane! I haven’t tried anything from them before but I know this is a pricey brand. Interesting tidbit – Klorane launched the first ever dry shampoo in 1971 to wash the hair of bedridden patients! I’m excited to try this out! I’m always in need of dry shampoo and it’s nice to get an expensive brand to try out. Because I usually go through a bottle of dry shampoo per month, it’s hard to want to spend a lot of money on it.
Retail Value: $20 USD

The Fitness choice was an 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil by Way of Will. I’m very happy I chose beauty but I think the massage oil looks cool too!

And now for the Select options this month. As you probably know, annual members get to choose a few of the box’s product colours or designs. Unlike choice, with select, we actually know what the item is and we get pictures!

Michael Stars Ruana
This is a very interesting piece! It’s one of those multi-purpose items that you can wear many different ways. You can wear it as a scarf, a sarong, or a kimono/poncho type coverup. I think this blue and white design is so beautiful. There were two other choices – a black and white, and a multi-colour with orange, pink, and purple. While I think it is very pretty to look at, I didn’t expect to really use this. But after trying it on, it makes a perfect sarong, so I can’t wait to take this to the beach with me! I also really love how it looks as a kimono.
Retail Value: $54 USD

Bkr Little – 500 ML Glass Water Bottle
This was another select item. We got to choose between this bright pink and a blue. I clearly chose the pink! This is a really nice water bottle but one thing I don’t like about it is the pink silicone part attracts every piece of hair or lint in the house! I also don’t need any new water bottles but am I the only one that is constantly buying new ones?! I don’t know why. Apparently I need a collection of 20 water bottles. This is my first glass one so there’s that.
Retail Value: $35 USD

Kris Nations Mystic Bar Necklace
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the creative packaging?! I’m so impressed! This was our third select option. We could choose between Turquoise, Howlite (sort of a white colour), and Peach. As you can see, I chose peach. I love the way the peach stones look with the gold chain. The stones are hand cut in India and each gemstone has different attributes. The peach moonstone provides strength, inner peace, and growth. I am so in love with the look and stories behind these necklaces. Great choice, FFF!
Retail Value: $58 USD

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate
I’m always in love with the full size beauty items FabFitFun sends out. It’s always stuff I am guaranteed to use! I will definitely be using this eye cream. This is a pretty expensive brand and it’s known for using organic ingredients. I use eye creams day and night so I can’t wait to give this a go!
Retail Value: $29 USD

Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze
This is a simply beautiful highlighter! But I have to admit, I was super confused about it at first. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use it as a highlighter or a bronzer.  XD It is technically a highlighter, though. I feel like I might need more of a tan to use this. I haven’t tested it out yet so we’ll see. I did swatch it and it is sooooo buttery and velvety!
Retail Value: $30 USD

Avène Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+
I’m really excited about this product! I generally hate wearing SPF because it leaves my face looking greasy! So I’m hoping I have way better luck with this product. I’ve only heard great things so far. I’ve also read it works great under makeup so I’m crossing my fingers! Like many Avène products, this is formulated with their Thermal Spring Water!
Retail Value: $24 USD

Total Retail Value: $278 USD / $358.02 CAD *

* For this season’s box, your grand total value can vary depending on which choice items you received.

SPONSORED ITEM: Vital Proteins Marine Collagen
FabFitFun loves to send out sponsored items in their boxes. These are not included in their values! This time we got an unflavoured collagen powder that you add to your beverage. Collagen gives our skin strength and elasticity, so women like to use it to help prevent wrinkles. I can’t wait to give this a try!

Final Thoughts? I think FabFitFun knocked it out of the park yet again! This is easily my favourite subscription. It’s the one I get the most excited for every season! I think the cost of the box is well justified by the amount of things we receive. Even if you get a few things you won’t use, the value of the remaining items is still so high that it’s worth it.

What is my favourite item this month? Oh jeez… this is tough because I love them all. It would have to be a 4-way tie between the Avène, Juice Beauty, Klorane or Peach Moonstone necklace. I might even include the Cargo highlighter in that decision but I’m not sure how it looks yet. My least favourite item is the traveller set. I still like it, though!


Another awesome thing about FabFitFun are the add-ons! These are heavily discounted products that you can purchase and they will send them out with your box at no additional shipping charge. One thing I have learned from shopping the add-ons is that the best items sell out super quickly! I’m always a few hours late to the party because I never check my e-mail in time apparently, and I usually end up missing out on some pretty awesome stuff. This time I missed out on a $5 USD travel size Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist! I’ve been dying to try that stuff so hopefully they will have it again for the fall box options.

I purchased 4 add-ons this time! I got these Nectar Blue Light Blocking Frames for $16 USD ($20.61 CAD). They block out the blue light from computer and phone screens that can potentially disrupt your sleep cycle. I have trouble sleeping and I thought I should give these a try! They cost $39.99 USD ($51.55 CAD).

I picked up the 2.5 oz jar of the Sol de Janeiro Açaí Body Power Cream for $10 USD ($12.88 CAD). At Sephora, it costs $25 CAD. I am in love with their Bum Bum Cream so I wanted to give their açaí cream a try as well!

I’m obsessed with coconut so of course I wanted to try out this Kopari Coconut Balm. I paid $11 USD ($14.18 CAD) for this, while the same size costs $42 CAD at Sephora! Such a great deal. It smells incredible and I can’t wait to use this on my dry winter skin.

Lastly, I chose to buy this Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield. I paid only $9 USD ($11.60 CAD) for a $29 CAD product! I have frizzy hair in general but when it’s humid, watch out! I suddenly look like Monica from Friends when she’s in Barbados! A lot of products I’ve tried don’t work to prevent my hair from growing in the humidity! But I actually had the chance to use it during my Toronto trip where it was constantly threatening to rain and I could feel the humidity in the air! It worked so well! I was impressed. My hair didn’t grow 5 sizes! I liked that it didn’t leave my hair crunchy either. The smell is a bit weird but I’ll take it since it works!

And that’s all for today’s post! What did you think of the summer box? What were your favourite and least favourite items you received?! I hope you enjoyed the box as much as I did!

xoxo, Tigritsa

8 thoughts on “The One with the FabFitFun Summer 2017 Box”

  1. So many great products in this box!!! I recently got that Klorane dry shampoo in my Sephora play bag and have yet to try it. Let us know how you like it so I have a heads up, lol. That water bottle looks so cute! My eyes instantly went to it when I saw the picture! The Kopari coconut oil looks great too! I’ve been hearing whispers about Kopari. I wonder if it’s a good brand hmmm. This was a great read! Looking forward to the next box!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tried the Klorane yet but I’m almost out of my Batiste so I’m excited to try it soon! Sephora Play needs to come to Canada! I would be subscribed for sure haha.


      1. Yeah they do have Sephora here! I thought they’d bring it over here once it was established in the States but it’s been awhile now. So I’m not sure if they’re going to start it here or not. 😦 Crossing my fingers that they will someday!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Soo many great items! This box is amazing! I love water bottles so I would have been crazy excited for the bkr bottle!! You also picked out some great add ons of course I would be head over heals for anything from Sol de Janeiro.

    Liked by 1 person

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