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The One with Generation Beauty by Ipsy 2017 Toronto {Day Two}

Hey guys! Today I will be continuing detailing my Generation Beauty by Ipsy experience. You can read all about day one here if you haven’t checked it out yet!

On day two, my friend and I got to the GO station super early and we were about to buy our tickets when the employee ran up to us and told us not to buy our tickets. Trains had been suspended indefinitely! We asked why and he nonchalantly said “it will take some time to clean up the body.” We were shocked and he then explained that someone had thrown themselves in front of a train. So sad. He then had to explain to us how to get to Union Station via bus and subway.

img_7017So despite leaving super early, we ended up late to the event by about 15 minutes. Line ups aren’t too bad when the event first starts because I think a lot of people show up a bit late. My friend and I got in line at Derma-E and only waited about 5 minutes. We received foil samples of Derma-E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer and Vitamin C Concentrated Serum, as well as a headband. At this booth, you could join a separate line to get henna done. We really wanted to do that but decided we would do it at the end of the day if we had time.
Retail Value: Moisturizer – 0.77 cents CAD for 0.05 oz (full size is $30.99 for 2 oz) / Serum – 0.85 cents CAD for 0.05 oz (full size is $33.99 for 2 oz)

Our next booth was Essence. Again, I think we waited only 5 minutes here. When we got to the front of the line, they asked us to choose a card number (between 1 and 4, I think) and then they put the card behind some sort of screen thing and an animation would decide which gift you got. I received the Essence Powder Brush. My friend got one of the eyeshadow palettes and I was super jealous!  XD You could also receive nail polish or you could have got all 3 items! They also had a great deal to buy 5 items for $15.
Retail Value: $3.99 CAD (full size / estimated)

We then headed over to the Pur-Lisse booth, where we waited about 20 minutes. I was a little bummed because the creator of the brand, Jennifer Yen, wasn’t there at the time. I knew she was at the event because I saw her multiple times. When we were really close to the front of the line, my one friend arrived and met up with us, and then guess who came back to the booth, just in time? Jennifer Yen! I was very pleased because I wanted to meet her again.  XD The cherry on top? Jennifer remembered us from last year!

She showed us the Pur-Lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF 30 which I ended up purchasing in the shade light. I think I paid $16 CAD but I forget. The regular price is $35 USD, which is $45.47 CAD. I also purchased the Pur-Lisse Daily Lip Nourisher for $10 CAD. It regularly costs $16 USD, which is $20.78 CAD. Jennifer also threw in a Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask for free (a $10.38 CAD value)!

We then got our free gift from the booth. We received the Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 and it was a full size product!!
Retail Value: $71.32 CAD (full size)

Next up, we went over to the Pixi by Petra booth. At this point, my Toronto friend’s other friend met up with us. While we were waiting in line, a lady was giving out free flower crowns and the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in the shade OpalOvercoat. I actually bought this same eyeliner last month but I’m happy to have a backup because I love it! We were told to stay in line for more free gifts at the front. In the meantime, the lady let us try out the new Pixi mists as well as the Glow Tonic toner.

This line took about 30 minutes to get to the front. We had to take a picture for Instagram and hashtag it in order to receive a free Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink, which I am loving so far. Then, if we tried out one of their products in the makeup chair, we received the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Sunny Bronze. I asked the makeup artist to put some highlighter on me because I was interested in buying it. While she put way too much for my own personal taste, I loved how the highlighter looked.

Retail Value: Eye Pen – $14.16 CAD for 0.8 g (full size is $21.24 for 1.2 g) / Lip Balm – $10.88 CAD (full size) / Eye Shadow Duo – $4.25 CAD for 1.5 g (full size is $16.32 for 5.76 g)

I ended up purchasing two items from this booth. I had a hard time choosing between the 4 Pixi mists but I ended up buying the Pixi Glow Mist because I figured it was the one I was least likely to buy for full price in store, if that makes sense.  XD I paid $16 CAD instead of $20 CAD. I also ended up purchasing the Pixi + AspynOvard Glow-y Powder Highlight in Santorini Sunset for $20 CAD. I don’t think there was a discount on this – I just wanted it. And because I bought 2 products, I received the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Eye Shadow Palette in Plum Quartz for free (a $16.32 CAD value)!

Next, my one friend and I went to a short line at Soo’AE while our other friends went to line up at Marc Anthony. We only waited 5 minutes here! We had to take a picture for Instagram and hashtag it. I was very interested in browsing this booth because I love sheet masks but we had just spent so much time at Pixi, that I decided to forget it. I saw a lip mask that I wanted to buy but I didn’t. Good thing because it turned out the free gift was the Soo’AE My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch!
Retail Value: $3.89 CAD (full size)

We went to the Skinfix booth next, where we waited less than 5 minutes. I was happy they didn’t run out of samples this year because that’s what happened last year! This year, I got the Skinfix Natural Vanilla Mint Lip Repair Balm which I thought was great because I was expecting hand cream! Then, we could spin a wheel and whatever it landed on, we got. It landed on the Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm which is sort of useless for me since I don’t have any new tattoos or plan on getting any new ones.
Retail Value: Lip Repair Balm – $4.99 CAD (full size) / Tattoo Balm – $1 CAD for 1 packet (full size is $100 for box of 100)

We went to go meet up with our other friends at Marc Anthony. They were pretty close to the front at this point so I only waited about 10 minutes despite the big line. This booth was neat because you could get your hair done and they also had bubbles blowing everywhere. We had to follow them and take a photo or video for Instagram to get our awesome little tote of 3 goodies! We got the Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil Extra Hold Hairspray, Clear Dry Shampoo and Hydrating Coconut Oil Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment. We were also able to choose a little button with cute sayings. I chose the one that said, “Wash, Slay, Repeat.”
Retail Value: Hairspray – $1.72 CAD for 53 ml (full size is $9.72 for 300 ml) / Dry Shampoo – $3.81 CAD for 44 ml (full size is $12.99 for 150 ml) / Conditioning Treatment – $3.88 CAD (full size)

Next, we headed over to the Eva Nyc booth. There was no line up at all. They were giving out cute tote bags and they gave me two of the Eva Nyc Purse Perfect Hair Towelettes.
Retail Value: $2.04 CAD for 1 packet (full size is $20.39 for box of 10)

Next door was Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics. We waited 10 minutes in this line. We had to take a picture for Instagram and hashtag it to receive a free Dirty Little Secret Lipstick. I got the colour Poison, a bright Barbie pink. My friends got some pretty crazy colours as well – bright orange and blue.  XD It was funny because when I showed the lady my photo (I only took a picture of the booth), she was like “why didn’t you get your picture taken?!” I had to explain to her that I was sick of taking my picture for every single booth.  XD My Instagram was getting flooded with photos of myself! I ended up deleting half of them after the event.
Retail Value: $12.96 (full size)

All of us went to the Royal & Langnickel booth next. This line seemed pretty long but only took about 15 minutes in the end. I left the lineup temporarily because we were nearby the Physicians Formula booth and I knew Rachhloves was doing a meetup there at 1 pm. It was about 1:30 so I saw that she was still there and there wasn’t anyone in line to meet her. I asked the staff member how long she would be there, and she told me 2 o’clock.

img_7030-2So I headed back to the Royal & Langnickel line. Here we got to feel all of their amazing brushes and then spin a wheel to get a free brush from their MODA line. There were many options on the wheel and really, the only one I didn’t want was the Complexion brush that I got in my Swag Bag. The one I wanted most was the Royal & Langnickel MODA Multi-Purpose Powder Brush and that’s the one I got! It was funny because all 4 of us got the same brush!
Retail Value: $11.66 CAD (full size)

Since none of us had been to the Physicians Formula booth yet, it wasn’t hard to convince the ladies to head over there with me to meet Rachhloves and pick up our free gift at the same time. I was so nervous to meet her! She gave me a hug and she was super tall plus wearing 3-inch heels so she towered over me! We laughed about this, and I told her how much I love her videos because she is so real and funny. I also mentioned how I only knew about her meet up from one of her videos because it wasn’t even on the Ipsy schedule. She didn’t know why they didn’t announce her! She also showed me the Physician Formula Butter Blushes and at this point, my friends pointed out that we were both wearing black lacey shirts, and Rachel said we were twinning!  XD

I wanted to buy the Butter Blush in Vintage Rouge after swatching it but they weren’t selling anything, unfortunately. You could get a different free gift depending on what time you went to the booth and at the time we were there, they only had the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo which I wouldn’t have minded getting except I also got it in my Swag Bag.
Retail Value: $22.10 CAD (full size)

We swung by the IGK booth after and were disappointed to find that they were completely out of samples. From what I heard, they were giving out a full size texture spray.

2 pm fast approached and there was only half an hour left of the event. We had 3 booths left so I figured we could get them done. We waited about 20 minutes at the The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur booth. When you got to the front, the lady asked you for your skin type so she could recommend products for you. I told her oily-combination and acne-prone so she chose items from their “Clarifying” line. We got a little goodie bag full of samples plus 2 suckers (which my son quickly claimed when I got home). The bag contained foil samples of the Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair ATO Salt Cream, Daily Repair Foam Cleanser x 2, and Clarifying Moisturizer x 2, as well as 2 small Clarifying Toners. Then, if we subscribed to their email mailing list, we got a free Daily Repair Soothing Gauze Sheet Mask!
Retail Value: Salt Cream – 0.63 cents CAD for 1.2 ml (full size is $42 for 80 ml) / Foam Cleanser – 0.17 cents CAD for 1.5 ml x 2 (full size is $17 for 150 ml) / Moisturizer – 0.40 cents CAD for 1.5 ml x 2 (full size is $32 for 120 ml) / Toner – 0.28 cents CAD for 2 ml x 2 (estimated / full size is $28 for 200 ml) / Sheet Mask – $6 CAD (full size)

Our last booth of the day turned out to be Pop Beauty! We waited about 20 minutes in this line. While we waited in line, they gave out the Pop Beauty Kajal Pen in Inky Purple (I swear, this liner is haunting me). At some point, they also gave us the Essential Brush Trio but I can’t remember what we had to do to get this. And finally, we had to post a picture to Instagram and hashtag it to receive their Face Magnet Primer.
Retail Value: Kajal Pen – $13.04 CAD (full size) / Brush Trio – $19.45 CAD (full size) / Face Primer – $28.89 CAD (estimated / full size)

There was 40 minutes left of the event at this point and we only had one booth left. That booth was Briogeo. We had walked by this booth numerous times on both days and every time it was closed. Well, it was still closed. >_< I asked if we could get in line and wait and the girl said no because they are going by quantity so I guess they only had a specific amount of products left to give out. I know at this booth you received a hair mask and you were able to personalize it by adding oils to it.

So we had lots of time to spare so two of us went back to Derma-E to get some henna done! My 2 Toronto friends decided to call it a day and head home. I got some pretty floral type henna. It was pretty rushed at this point so she didn’t do as much detail as some that I saw earlier. But I’ve never had henna done before so I thought it was cool.

I had a bit of cash left so with 10 minutes until 3 pm, I wanted to buy some more products. I went back to Pur-Lisse because I love their stuff. Most of it was sold out so I picked up their Hello Jet Setter Blue Lotus Skincare Essentials. Inside the bag is the Daily Lip Nourisher, Balancing Moisturizer, Cleansing Milk, and Blue Lotus + White Tea Sheet Mask, all for $20 CAD. Regular price is $35 USD, which is $45.47 CAD.

Because I’m a big fan of Jennifer Yen, I asked if I could take a picture with her. She was more than happy to comply. I told her I follow her on Instagram and I’m a big fan of her products. She told me to post the picture and tag her and she would follow me back, which she did indeed do!

Next, I quickly headed over to Benefit. I already got my free gift on day one but the girl asked me if I wanted another Browvo! Conditioning Primer so I said sure! I asked if they were still doing brows, which they were. I quickly got my brows done. The girl used the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil because I asked for something natural. She did a great job even if it was hard for me to get used to seeing my brows filled in!
Retail Value: $12.67 CAD for 1 ml (full size is $38 for 3 ml)

And with that, my day was over. Generation Beauty was a wrap! We managed to get to 26 of 28 booths! I had an amazing time and I think this year was much more well organized than last year. There are still some issues with the line ups so hopefully next year, they can figure out the QLess system, because I think that would have helped a lot.

Day Two Grand Total (free items): $258.69 CAD

Grand Total for Both Days: $720.33 CAD

This year’s grand total is very comparable to last year where I calculated $784.64 CAD. It’s also interesting to note that this year’s ticket cost $30 more and there were less booths last year. I am happy with the stuff I got for both years so it’s hard to say which year had the better products. It all depends on what your personal preferences are, right?!

And lastly, just for fun, here are some photos of my day one and two goodies grouped together by type of product. These pictures don’t include the Swag Bag products since I did group photos of them in my Day One post!


Hair Products

Skin Care

Lip Products

Face Products

Makeup Tools

Eye Products

xoxo, Tigritsa

11 thoughts on “The One with Generation Beauty by Ipsy 2017 Toronto {Day Two}”

  1. sounds like it was lots of fun! I feel like the line times were shorter this year? Maybe because their were only a handful of really large booths compared to last year? I remember waiting 45min-1hour at Too Faced and Make Up Forever.

    You got some really great items!


    1. Yeah, I definitely found the wait times less than last year. Our longest was Mac for 1 hour and 20 minutes but the longest after that was around 30 minutes! Maybe because there were more brands this year so less people at one brand at a time.


  2. Im seriously dying from jealousy. I can’t believe you met RachhLoves!!!! I love her!! Y’all are both beautiful but DANG, SHES TALL! Gen Beauty looks likes so much fun. I am definitely going to go next year and BeautyCon!!!!


    1. I was so happy to meet her! She was super nice. I could not believe how tall she was! I’m 5’3″ and she looks like a foot taller than me lol. I definitely recommend going if you can!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. $720!?!? Now I need to go next year for sure! That’s amazing!
    And Rachhloves is so TALL!! I would feel so tiny standing next to her.
    I don’t think I would like how many instagram pictures they require you to take in order to get the free samples, I would probably delete mine afterwards!
    I’m glad you guys had such a great weekend!!


    1. Yeah the amount of stuff we get is insane!

      I had to delete a bunch of the pictures from Instagram! I sometimes take selfies but generally I post pictures of my son so I felt like there was way too much of myself up there lol. Then I also had the cluttery pics of the booths haha

      If you ever get the chance to go, definitely do it! It’s a fun time!


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