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The One with the #MorpheMe May 2017 Box

After 3 months of skipping my subscription, I decided to get the May Morphe brushes! The June brush preview is out and I have already skipped that month since I didn’t need any of those brushes. You can view them here if you like.

I also want to point out that Live Glam no longer offers free shipping to Canada! I have luckily been subscribed since October 2016 so my account is grandfathered in and I do not have to pay the new shipping fee. But I feel like for $24.99 plus the exchange, it just isn’t worth it for new Canadian subscribers! I know I personally wouldn’t subscribe anymore if I had to pay $24.99 USD.

What is it? #MorpheMe Brush Club
How much is it? $19.99 USD
Ships to? Worldwide
Shipping costs? $4.99 USD for Canada; Free for US; $7 USD International
What’s inside? $30+ USD worth of Morphe brushes (3-7 brushes)

This month, there were 5 brushes, mostly centred around powder and contouring. They are all a lovely chrome that matches up nicely with some gunmetal brushes I have from Morphe! Descriptions are from their May blog post!

G1 Small Buffer
The G1 is a great brush for buffing your foundation! Say goodbye to streaky foundation and bad coverage. The short and dense synthetic bristles on this brush are going to give you the full coverage application you’ve been searching for! Try your G1 with a moisturizer or primer, too. If you like a natural, cream contour, the small buffer will get the job done in a breeze! (retails $9.99 USD)

G41 Mini Contour
The G41 is a small, flat synthetic brush with short semi-dense bristles. This brush will carve out a sharp contour on your cheekbones. This flat contour brush is also fantastic for contouring the nose. Use the angles on the edge of the flat top to chisel precise lines and then buff it to perfection with the flat top. (retails $5.99 USD)

G40 Pro Detail Powder
This small, fluffy G40 is a great size for setting your concealer under the eye! Because the brush is synthetic, it will only lightly hold any powder products, which allows you to pack the most product onto the skin where you want it! You can also use this brush for a sheer swipe of blush, highlight, or any of your other face powder needs! (retails $5.99 USD)

G19 Round Liner Contour
The G19 is a very small synthetic contour brush intended for the eyes! You can use this firm, dense brush to apply some color to your lower lashline, smoke out a liner, or add a pop of shimmer. You can get a lot of great, natural definition to the eye using this brush! (retails $2.99 USD)

G38 Mini Round Contour
The G38 is a round contour brush. With the dense, rounded synthetic bristles, you can get an ample amount of product onto the skin. This brush works well with a bold contour or bright pop of blush. You can also use it to apply a base shadow to your eye or get some depth by dusting a smokey brown shadow on your lid. You can buff your eyeshadow into a smooth and natural look using this brush! (retails $5.99 USD)

Total Retail Value: $30.95 USD / $41.47 CAD

Final Thoughts? As usual with Morphe brushes, they are all very soft and good quality. I find there is always one brush that particularly draws me in and convinces me to “unskip” the month. This month it was the G41 Mini Contour. I have a brush shaped like that but much bigger. This one is nice and small which I thought would be perfect for contouring my nose with it’s sharp edges! The other 4 brushes look great too and I’m pretty sure I don’t already own ones like them. It’s great to get 5 new brushes to try!

xoxo, Tigritsa

9 thoughts on “The One with the #MorpheMe May 2017 Box”

  1. These brushes look great! I’m surprised you see and pick which month you want! If any of my subbie boxes allowed me to see what was in it before I got it and then get it or not, would be awesome!


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