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The One with the Zulily Haul April 2017

I mentioned in my April shopping post that I was going to do a separate Zulily post because I just bought way too much last month. I fully admit that once I start shopping on Zulily, it’s hard to stop. I go through this every few months! You can buy one item and it’s only $5.95 shipping. After that, they offer free shipping on almost everything for the next 3 days. That always gets me!

If you haven’t heard of Zulily, they are like HauteLook, Beyond the Rack, Gilt, etc. where they sell items at a discount for a limited time from outside companies, and then once the “event” is over, the brands ship the product to them and then Zulily ships to you. Sometimes they already have the product in stock and you don’t have to wait. Otherwise, you could be looking at a 2 week wait for your item.

I have to take a second to sing praises about their customer service. If there is ever a problem, I just send in pictures and they have always given me a refund, let me keep the item, and to top it off, then they give me a $10 credit. They’re really great!

Note: I believe you need an account (which is free) to view Zulily so if the links do not work, that is why. The links may also disappear after the items are no longer available.


FIT Smooth & Slimming High Waist Shaper Shorts
These are awesome! I bought them to wear under rompers and dresses. I was wearing bike shorts but these work better because they tuck in my mommy tummy! Definitely recommend these!
I paid $11.99 on!


Bamboo Taupe Braid-Accent Avenge Bootie
There’s always so many nice and cheap shoes on Zulily. When I saw these booties, I had to have them! They fit perfectly and are surprisingly comfortable. I also like that the heel is rubber (the picture made it look like wood) so they’re not loud to walk in!
I paid $29.99 on!


Fashion Hunter Lace Yolk Tank
I thought this was a nice every day top that will go with pretty much anything. I also like that it isn’t form fitting so I don’t feel self conscious about my mid section. I ordered this in burgundy but the packaging was mislabelled and it was actually navy blue. Funny thing is I was initially trying to decide between the burgundy and navy. Zulily fully refunded me and let me keep the item.
I paid $15.99 on!


Casa Lee Empire Waist Maxi Dress
I thought this was a unique looking maxi! In the photo, it’s a soft green and pink but when I received it in person, the colours were so vibrant! Very different from it’s picture! I liked the soft romantic look of the original photo but I like the bright colours as well.
I paid $25.99 on! (link unavailable)


Shop the Trends Yoke Tank
This is a loose fitting tank in the colour “light sand.” I haven’t decided yet if I like this shirt. It has slits up the side and I can’t decide if it looks alright or makes me look too wide.
I paid $12.99 on!


Shop the Trends Lace Ruffle Top
I am in love with this shirt! It fits me perfectly and is super comfortable. I love how it dresses up an outfit a little while it can also pass for casual! I got it in black.
I paid $16.99 on!


Shop the Trends Shoulder Ruffle Top
I’m not as in love with this one as the lace ruffle top. I’m not really a ruffle person so I’m not sure what I was thinking. I do love the colour sage and I thought it was unique looking. That said, I have worn it already and I think I’ll wear it again.
I paid $16.99 on!


Nifty Home Products Carousel
I ordered this to put on my bathroom counter. It was getting a little too crowded with products! I absolutely love this. It’s such a space saver and I love how it spins! I ordered this in black but ended up getting it in purple. Zulily fully refunded me and let me keep the purple one.
I paid $24.99 on!


Casa Lee Paisley Maxi Skirt
I just want to warn everyone not to buy this skirt.  XD Look how beautiful and vibrant it is in the picture versus what I actually got… night and day! I emailed Zulily about this and showed them the picture and they refunded me. This is probably going straight to my donation pile!  XD Clearly Casa Lee has problems with taking photos to accurately depict the item because the maxi dress was Casa Lee also lol.
I paid $21.99 on!



Bliss & Grace Oval Shaped Foundation Brush
I was so curious about these brushes so when I saw this “luxurious rose gold” one, I thought I would try it out. I found it disturbed my colour corrector and concealer too much when I tried blending my foundation. The bristles are just too dense, I think. I’ll try it again when my skin is clear (so, never?).
I paid $13.99 on! (link unavailable)


Evergreen Peacock Birdbath Stake
This is so beautiful! I always do planters on my balcony and this will go in one of my bigger ones. I love anything peacock so this suits me!
I paid $28.99 on! (link unavailable)


Sunset Vista Design Co., Inc. Peacock Rain Gauge Stake
I bought this as a gift for my mom. Mother’s Day is coming up and so is her birthday so I always have to buy her a couple gifts. Unfortunately, the glass rain gauge part came broken. They did refund me but now I have to come up with something else to give her.
I paid $22.99 on!



Big Buddha Cat Eye Sunglasses
These are a very cute pink and black ombré. Cat eye sunglasses are my fave! I’ve gone through so many pairs of sunglasses lately because they keep breaking. I wish the lenses in these were darker but they are super cute.
I paid $9.99 on!


Evergreen Butterfly Hanging Birdfeeder
I am obsessed with outdoor décor. This is so pretty! I’m still trying to figure out how to hang it from the soffit and I’m hoping it’s not too heavy!
I paid $21.99 on!

Well, that’s it for my Zulily haul! I’m happy to have some new clothes because as my style changes, I found there wasn’t much in my wardrobe I wanted to wear. Although some of the items I bought, I’m a little unsure of, the majority I’m really pleased with. I’m also happy to have some awesome décor for my balcony and planters! I love to spend time out there in the warm weather and it makes it all the better when it looks beautiful with flowers and the décor!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tigritsa

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