The One with “A Month of Shopping” April 2017

I might have gone a little overboard with shopping this month. Anyone else ever get that shopping bug where they just want to keep shopping all the time? I spent the first few months of this year being very good with not spending a lot of money and then I finally decided I could treat myself, and I went crazy. That’s what happens when I take a break from shopping… I just make up for that lost time.  XD

So let’s take a look at my purchases from April (not including sub boxes, my Sephora order which you can view here, and I’m going to do a separate Zulily post)! All prices are in CAD and keep in mind that prices on some sites such as fluctuate so if you’re going to check the product out, it might have gone up or down in price since I purchased it!

Larabar Fruit & Nut Energy Bars
Surprise! More Larabars! I’m definitely addicted to this flavour which is “Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip.” They’re honestly so delicious!
I paid $7.49 on!

Celebration Herbals Spearmint Leaf Tea
In last month’s shopping post, I bought a different brand of spearmint tea. I just wanted to experiment and see if one was better than the other. For the record, they taste the same to me! And to update, I haven’t found my acne any better after drinking a large mug a day.  😦
I paid $6.34 on!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
Holy long name, Batman! This is one of those products you hear about a lot among the beauty community as a great drug store concealer. I finally bit the bullet and picked one up in the shade “Fair 10.” I can honestly say that the rave reviews on this concealer are well deserved! I’m actually loving it more than my Too Faced Born This Way.
I paid $8.96 on!

Nature’s Bounty Women’s Multivitamin Gummies
This is my second purchase of these gummies. Honestly, I take gummy vitamins because they taste delicious and therefore I know I won’t forget to take them… XD So whatever inspires me right?! I would like to try the collagen version of these, too!
I paid $9.17 on!

I mentioned in my last post that I don’t like paying a lot of money for movies but in the case of Disney movies, I will (and I still try to wait for them to go on sale lol). I would like to have a complete collection eventually (at least of the ones I’ve seen).

Pinocchio Blu-ray
This isn’t my favourite Disney movie but it is a classic. Watching it back is very strange because these days, I don’t think this movie would have went over so well!
I paid $20.99 on!

Moana Blu-ray
I saw this movie in theatre and I thought it was good but I actually appreciated it more the second time I watched it. It went from good to great for me! In theatre, my son kept saying it was boring so maybe I was just getting too anxious. Funny thing is when we watched it the other day, he loved it. Kids. *shakes head*
I paid $20.99 on!

Finding Dory Blu-ray
I saw this one in theatre too! I can still remember going with my whole family to watch Finding Nemo in theatre way back in 2003 and it instantly became a family favourite (our family loves quoting movies). Finding Dory was an endearing follow up and while not as good as the first, I still loved it.
I paid $20.99 on!

MaskerAide Website

MaskerAide Spotted! Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches
I ordered two packs of these. Each box costs $25 and contains 96 clear patches so hopefully I’m good for awhile. I ordered two boxes to get the free shipping, plus I used the code TOPBOXSPOTTED to get 15% off my order.
I paid $42.50 on!


These are just a handful of free samples I got in the mail! We have some foil packs of John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery and Forever Smooth. We have Benefit’s They’re Real Double the Lip in the shade “Pink Thrills.” And lastly, some samples from Vichy including their Idéalia Smoothness & Glow Energizing Cream and Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care. Not bad sizes for free stuff!

Urban Planet Website

I only discovered Urban Planet’s website within the last 6 months or so. We have the store where I live but it’s so big, I find it hard to shop at. I like clothes shopping online because it’s all laid out for me to see and I don’t have to dig through racks and tables. It was 40% off for Easter weekend so here is what I got!


Belted Jumpsuit
This has been on my wishlist for awhile. I was just waiting for a sale! It is available in 4 colours but I chose black. It’s very comfortable and the fit was perfect. I also like how you can tie the belt in various ways.
I paid $20.99 on!


Floral Crochet Maxi Dress
This is one of those pieces that I expected to like but once I tried it on, the fit was so great that I went from like to love! It’s so flattering and I love the crochet detailing.
I paid $17.99 on!


Floral Pencil Skirt
I’ve fallen in love with printed pencil skirts lately. They’re super cute and accentuate my curves in the right places. I also like that you don’t have to worry about the wind! This one fit so nicely. They’re so cheap, I’m debating buying more!
I paid $7.79 on!

Graphic Notebooks
I bought 3 notebooks because they were super cute and I needed some new ones anyway. I bought 2 for me – the ones pictures – and I bought one for a friend also. They’re much larger than I was expecting which is awesome!
I paid $4.19 each on!

I don’t order from too often but it’s my go-to place to shop when I’m looking for some more natural or organic products. I have a code for $10 off on your first $40 order – tigritsa – which I’d be happy for you to use. If not, that’s ok too!  🙂

Penny Lane Organics Cold Pressed Castor Oil
You may have heard how great castor oil is for hair growth. I bought this to use on my lashes! My bottom lashes on my right eye could really use some filling in. They just don’t want to grow! So I’m hoping the castor oil will help! I have disposable mascara wands that I bought awhile back that I use with this!
I paid $9.99 on!

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
I always like to have coconut oil on hand! I don’t actually cook with it, but I do love it blended in my coffee. But mostly I use it for beauty and health related things. I use it to remove Jamberry wraps, on my son’s toe when it developed fungus (ew, I know), on my dog’s schnauzer bumps, and more. It works great for everything I’ve tried it for!
I paid $13.99 on!

Yogi Tea Citrus Slim Green Tea
I bought this because I needed something to get free shipping (I also purchased some Larabars that are not pictured because I ate them too fast lol). I haven’t tried it yet because I was on my spearmint tea kick. But I love lemon green tea so I bet it’s good!
I paid $6.29 on!

Beautylish Order

This was my first time ordering from Beautylish! I wish I took pictures of the packaging because they really take care to wrap everything up so beautifully and carefully.

RCMA No Color Powder
This was the reason for my order. I’ve been dying to try this. So far, I’ve been loving it. I love how smooth my makeup feels after applying this and unlike some translucent powders I’ve tried, it doesn’t seem to give off a white cast. It’s super messy but I might look into repackaging it.
I paid $12 USD on!

Glitter High Gloss Z-Palette
This is in the size “large.” I decided to get this because I wanted to buy something else to qualify for free shipping (are you noticing a trend?). This is something I wanted to buy at some point, anyway. I’ve already depotted all my mini Ipsy shadow and bronzer samples and put them in this! I think they’ll get way more use when they’re in a palette like this!
I paid $24 USD on!

I love shopping at Garage! I’ve shopped there since we got it in our local mall which has got to be at least 10 years.


Zip Pocket Canvas Shorts
I tried these on in store awhile back and I just loved how they fit. And I loved that they weren’t super short. They were so comfortable! I thought they were a little bit on the expensive side and I decided to wait for a sale. Well, a sale never came! I did have a 15% off code that I was able to use though.
I paid $29.71 on!


The Tencel Bomber Jacket
I’ve been wanting a bomber jacket for awhile now. I didn’t want a print or anything shiny so I had to rule Forever 21 out, lol. I checked Garage and saw this one on sale. It’s super lightweight and I really like how it looks with my every day outfits.
I paid $29 on!

Forever 21 Website

I almost always wait for the clothes I like at Forever 21 to go on sale before buying it. But, everything I’ve loved lately sold out before it ever got to the point of going on sale. So now I feel like if I love something, I need to buy it right away!


Contemporary Self Tie Skirt
So this is the item I fell in love with. I don’t own any long skirts and this one is so unique. I love the colours and I love the design. The size small sold out and I wasn’t sure if medium would be too big but I knew it was going to sell out and I couldn’t miss out on this skirt! It ended up fitting, thankfully.
I paid $30.90 on!


Open-Shoulder Sweatshirt
The cold shoulder tops have been really in lately. They’re just everywhere! I don’t know what it is about this one but I kept going back to it. I don’t tend to buy pink clothes but I loved the design. I’m so happy I bought it because it’s so comfortable, fits great and looks so nice with leggings!
I paid $24.90 on!


Dolman-Sleeve Cocoon Cardigan
I’ve been wanting a sweater that looks exactly like this for a long time now. I knew at the price point that it wasn’t going to be heavy duty. It’s really thin! But I am okay with that. I love this sweater! I got it in “tan.”
I paid $22.90 on!


Geo Print Cropped Cami
I scooped this up on sale to wear underneath tanks and muscle shirts instead of a bandeau. Bandeaus always just fall down on me and I find crop tops work way better!
I paid $4.19 on!

Leaf Print Crop Top
Same deal here as the geo print crop top. I also got them both for an extra 30% of the sale price!
I paid $4.89 on!

Ardene Website


Cotton Crop Top
I was looking around on their website and saw that they had crop tops that are longer than most. I decided to buy one in each colour after trying them on in store first.  XD I have never worn a crop top without something over it because I definitely have a “mommy tummy.” But these longer crop tops pair really well with high waisted skirts and they don’t actually show any skin!
I paid $5 each on!

Thirty-One Party

I’ve never even heard of Thirty-One before but I guess they are a company in the same style as Jamberry or Lularoe! My sister’s friend was hosting a party for Thirty-One and I guess she unlocked a special half off price for these bags. I was in need of a good carry-on type bag so I bought one!

Fold-Over Weekender Bag
I didn’t check the dimensions when I ordered this bag. It is gigantic! The picture does not show just how big it is! And it’s adjustable so you can “shrink” it if you’re not packing as much stuff. There were a couple patterns to choose from but I thought this “Candy Corners” one was the cutest! It cost me $58 in total!

Bentley In-store

My friend was shopping for a new purse when I stumbled across one I liked too. I’m so picky with purses but I really liked this one. It was on sale for $29.99. My friend also bought me this little pineapple themed card holder! They were 2 for $12 if I remember correctly!

I mentioned I was going to do a separate Zulily post. I just bought so much stuff from there this month that if I were to include it in this post, it would go on forever. Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, and have a great week, loves!

xoxo, Tigritsa

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