The One with “A Month of Shopping” March 2017

I’ve decided to start a “series” of monthly posts dedicated to my shopping finds of the month. I wanted to start doing this last spring but I never stuck to it. I’d like to make a conscience effort to keep on top of them this year. I think they will be fun posts to write!

First off, I did two Amazon orders in March. I just got my Prime back the other day so when I bought these items, I was definitely searching for extra things to buy to reach $35 to get the free shipping.  XD

First Amazon order!

Incline Fit Yoga Mat
I have been on the road to a healthier lifestyle one bit at a time. I’ve been doing some basic exercises at home and I needed a yoga mat to make them more comfortable. I found this one in the colour “Dragon Fruit.” It’s 1/4 inch thick and super long. I love how the removable strap keeps it rolled up.
I paid $20.99 CAD on!

Serendipity Blu-ray
My boyfriend and I had recently watched the movie Must Love Dogs and it made me want to watch Serendipity (both have John Cusack in it). Since I didn’t own it already, I snatched it up on Amazon! It’s one of my favourite romantic comedies! It also stars Kate Beckinsale, who I love!
I paid $9.99 CAD on!

Larabar Fruit & Nut Energy Bars
I have seen these all over the place lately, whether it’s in subscription boxes or people posting about them on their blogs. Of course I was intrigued! I had no idea if these were easy to find in my local grocery stores or not so I headed to trusty ol’ Amazon and ordered a box of the “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip” flavour. The verdict? They were delicious! (Not pictured because I didn’t have the box anymore – they were gone fast!)
I paid $7.49 CAD on!

Second Amazon order!

Traditional Medicinals Organic Spearmint Tea
I read that drinking 2 cups of Spearmint tea a day is good for clearing up acne. I have been searching for the magical treatment to cure my acne for years and so I’m willing to try almost anything. I love tea so I thought why not give this a go? The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work! But I’ll still have yummy tea to drink.  🙂
I paid $4.97 CAD on!

Larabar Fruit & Nut Energy Bars
Oh look, Larabars again! I finished off my first box pretty quickly – afterall, there is only 5 in a box – so I wanted to try another flavour. This time I chose “Apple” and these ones are tasty as well. They remind me of apple pie!
I paid $7.49 on!

Nivea Lip Care Essential Duo Pack
I go through these lip balms so fast! They are my everyday go-to balms. They are inexpensive and more importantly, they don’t break my lips out in a rash like most lip balms I try. I always come back to these when that happens and they heal my lips up just like new. While I love trying new lip balms, I will always keep buying these ones.
I paid $2.79 CAD on!

Inside Out Blu-ray
I watched this movie on Netflix and fell in love with it! It was clever, funny, and endearing. I find the price on animated movies, especially Disney/Pixar films, to be way too high so I like to wait for them to go on sale for around $20. I want to have all the Disney films in my collection eventually (as long as they are ones I enjoy).
I paid $19.79 CAD on!

HMV In-store finds

I’m so sad that HMV is closing down! I love shopping there. They have the best section for nerdy collectible items. I’ve shopped there for years. I guess everything is so digital now that it’s hard for companies like this to thrive. Nevertheless, I took advantage of their closing sale and bought 8 blu-rays for $40!
 $5 CAD each: Life As We Know It, Easy A, P.S. I Love You, New Year’s Eve, Neighbours, The Blind Side, Pitch Perfect 2, and Elf.

I used to purchase all sorts of DVDs back in the day, even if I hadn’t seen the movie before. I justified it because I figured it cost the same or less as renting a movie. While that was true, I ended up with a collection of movies I just wasn’t a big fan of. So now I only buy the movies that I love and that I know I will rewatch.

Totoro Plushie
I absolutely love the Hayao Miyazaki film “My Neighbor Totoro.” I’ve actually searched online a few times for a Totoro collectible to buy but never found something in my price range that I liked. This adorable plushie was half price for $14.99. I thought it still seemed a bit expensive but I had to have it!

Anna Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
I only own a couple Pop! figures. I’d love to own more but I know if I start collecting them all, it will get real expensive real fast. Anna is one of my fave Disney characters though so I didn’t mind spending the $7 for this!

Garage In-store find
Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Tunic
I saw this shirt online and it was on sale for $15. I really wanted to buy it but it was only available in extra small so I didn’t think it would fit. I love that the website has a “find it in store” option. It said there was an XS in stock so I decided to go in to try it on. It surprisingly fit and I loved how it looked so I bought it in the colour “sage.”
You can view/buy it online at Garage!

Forever 21 online order

I used to shop at Forever 21 online a lot but in recent years, not so much. I find their prices have gone up a lot and it’s hard to find stuff I like. I still browse the website and make a wishlist so I can keep track of the pieces I do like.
Back-Cutout Romper
I kept going back to the website to look at this romper! I loved how it sort of looks like a dress from the front. It was only $22.90 which is pretty cheap for their rompers. I had a feeling it would sell out fast so I ordered it. My feeling was right because it’s sold out now so I can’t link you to it. I honestly can’t wait to wear this (but it will be awhile yet until we get the warm weather!).

Ankle Socks Pack
I just thought these pastel coloured socks were cute so I bought them for $4! I needed something for the free shipping, of course.  XD
You can view/buy them online at Forever21!


Classic Stretch-Knit Tank
I needed a couple of tank tops to wear underneath other shirts. These ones were only $4.90 so I picked up two. I got one in white and the other in seafoam, although the seafoam top ended up looking way different than the photo.  😦  I hate when that happens! It’s much darker when I was expecting a pale turquoise.
You can view/buy them online at Forever21!

Tiger Hinge Bracelet
I sort of regretted buying this after seeing it in person. I feel like I wanted it because it was a tiger but where the head is, it’s really bulky. I love hinge bracelets and I actually have a silver cheetah one that I wear often but it’s a lot flatter. Oh, impulse buys. I paid $13.90 for this.
You can view/buy them online at Forever21!

That’s all for my March purchases! It might seem like a lot but I pay my bills so I like to treat myself!  😀 I actually think I probably spent more in April already and it’s not even halfway through yet. Oops!

Anyway, I hope you are having a lovely day! Please forgive this post if it shows up with spacing issues. I have tried fixing it but WordPress is trying me right now!! I do not like the updated editor. It looks perfect in the “visual” but once I preview it, it was all screwed up. I think I fixed most of it though.

xoxo, Tigritsa