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The One with the #MorpheMe January 2017 Box

I’ve skipped the last few months of this sub since I don’t really need brushes anymore. I recently bought a Royal & Langnickel set, then I got a free set from my LookFantastic sub, and I steadily receive brushes from Ipsy almost monthly. But, I can’t say no to some great brushes. What can I say… I was sucked in by this month’s powder brush!

I want to take a minute to point out that there is now an option to “trade” your brushes! I believe this is a new feature as of last month but correct me if I am wrong. I might have only just noticed it. So, if you don’t like that month’s brushes, you can swap them out for a different set from a past month or even trade for nail polish. Someone on a Facebook group I post in was able to swap theirs for a Morphe palette last month. I personally did not see the option last month but if I had, I would’ve gone for the palette in a heartbeat!

What is it? #MorpheMe Brush Club
How much is it? $19.99 USD
Ships to? Worldwide
Shipping costs? Free in Canada & US ($7 International)
What’s inside? $30+ of Morphe brushes (3-7 brushes)

MB1 Deluxe Powder
This soft, domed fluffy brush is the perfect tool for a light dusting of finishing powder to lock in your foundation and give the skin a matte finish. Use it with loose or pressed powder to evenly distribute powder with no caking! (retails $10.99 USD)

MB19 Oval Lip
This flat, slender lip brush has longer bristles and a defined tip to softly trace the curves of the lips and place color without feathering or bleeding. (retails $1.99 USD)

MB9 Foundation
This flat, dense foundation paint brush lays down creams and liquids for full, evenly applied coverage. It applies primers, liquids and emollient products. (retails $4.99 USD)

MB4 Angle Blush/Contour
A large, angled brush to buff in blush and bronzer and create soft contours for a more natural look. (retails $9.99 USD)

MB10 Concealer
This flat detail brush that lets you pat down concealer on the tiniest areas, blurring imperfections and blending seamlessly into the rest of your makeup. (retails $2.99 USD)

Total Retail Value: $30.95 USD / $41.22 CAD

Final Thoughts? These are all super soft, and good quality brushes. Like I mentioned earlier, I was really drawn in by the big powder brush. It’s so fluffy; I’m impressed! I think I have an addiction to makeup brushes now! Being the procrastinator that I am, I would rather have multiples of each brush so I can put off cleaning them just a little while longer. Sad, I know. The angle blush brush, foundation and concealer brushes will also get a lot of use from me. I thought this was a great mix of brushes and I love that I got 5 this month.

xoxo, Tigritsa

14 thoughts on “The One with the #MorpheMe January 2017 Box”

  1. Also the brushes look great, especially the powder brushes. Do you have a referral link? My old brush set is slowly coming apart.


      1. Yay thanks! I probably won’t use it until february, I need to pay off my credit card bill first lol. But when I do I’ll use your link!


  2. Wow looks like this months Morphe box was worth it! Those brushes look so sleek and pro. I like the all-black look! I cant believe you can trade your brushes for a palette. That would be great! I too dont need anymore brushes but I love the idea of getting new ones to try out!

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