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The One with the A to Z Tag

Before I get into this post, I just want to say, I hit 200 followers! Thanks so much to everyone that follows my blog and takes the time to read my posts! I don’t do this blog to become “internet famous” but because I really like writing. The best thing to come out of it is being able to interact with other bloggers and support each other! I really appreciate you guys.Β  πŸ˜€

So I discovered this tag through Linda of Linda Talks Beauty (who has an amazing blog) and it was so fun, I just had to do it myself. I loved learning more about her! I think this is a unique way to get to know your fellow bloggers a little deeper and maybe discover some common interests!

The way this works is I think of a word to go with each letter of the alphabet that represents me in some way! I hope you enjoy and I encourage you to do your own!!


Amazon – I shop on Amazon all the time, and I’m pretty sure it’s where my online shopping addiction started in the first place!

Bath & Body Works – Seriously obsessed. I own so many candles from there! I have one burning every single night! They smell amazing and I love the ambience they create.

Chocolate – I have a serious sweet tooth! And chocolate is my number one choice of sweets. I will choose it over candy any day.


Disney – I grew up on Disney and still love it as an adult. Their movies are timeless and their characters are so lovable. My favourite Disney movie is Mulan!

Egypt – One of my interests has always been Ancient Egypt! I’m fascinated with Cleopatra, it’s history and of course, the mythology!


Friends – My favourite TV show of all time! When I am upset and I need something to get me out of that bad mood, I throw on an episode of Friends! Even after watching every season a million times, it never fails to make me laugh! Instant good mood.


Geek – Yes, I admit it. I love everything considered “geeky.” Let’s see… Harry Potter, Star Wars, animΓ© and manga, fantasy novels, video games, old 80s cartoons… I could really be more specific but my list would be so long!


Hachiko – One day, browsing on Netflix, I saw a movie titled “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” It’s based on a true story that I read about many years prior. My boyfriend and I fell in love with the Akita in the movie. The next day, we unintentionally found an Akita at a rescue and we ended up adopting her!

Introvert – I am such a shy person! I have a hard time feeling comfortable around new people, opening up and knowing what to say to them. It also doesn’t help that I have a severe social anxiety. I’m such a homebody, too. I don’t like going to crowded places or somewhere I haven’t been before!


Johansson, Scarlett – My favourite actress! One of my all-time favourite movies is Lost in Translation, which she stars in. I think she is really talented and I love a lot of her movies.

Kia – The type of car I drive! It’s my second car ever and I bought it brand new after dealing with an older car that was always breaking down!

Leggings – I am always lounging around home in a pair of leggings! I have too many pairs to count! I wear them as outfits and I wear them as pyjamas! They are so comfy.

Mascara – This is my can’t live without beauty item! I don’t do my makeup every day but mascara is the one thing I won’t leave the house without. My eyelashes are super light so it’s amazing the difference mascara makes!


Netherlands – I am Dutch on my dad’s side! He immigrated from The Netherlands! I actually have a Dutch name!

Owl, Night – I am such a night owl! I’ve always liked going to bed late. Right now, I work nights for my job, so it suits me!

Pets – I am a big animal lover! I love cats and dogs so much. I currently have a 9-year old cat and a 17-year old (!!!) dog.

Quizzes – I have a big fear of tests! I get sick to my stomach, I shake uncontrollably… I just panic! They have never been my strong suit!


Rinoa Heartilly – This might sound strange but I totally relate to Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. She’s my favourite gaming character ever. I love how feisty yet vulnerable she is.

Son – I have a 5 year old son who lights up my life and I couldn’t be more proud to be his mama.Β  ❀


Tigers – I have been obsessed with tigers since I was a little girl. I think they are the most beautiful, majestic animal in the world! I am even Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac! I also have a tattoo of a tiger on my back.


Unicorns – When I was a young kid, I was obsessed with unicorns. It’s probably what made my parents show me the animated movie, The Last Unicorn, which is amazing still. And then eventually as a teenager, I read the book… and I’ve gone on to read it 4 more times. It’s probably one of my top 3 novels ever!

Video Games – I mostly play games on my computer through Steam (because getting a turn on the Xbox is almost impossible with 2 boys in the house). I have pretty much all the Final Fantasy games on there. I also play SNES games and League of Legends!

Writing – This one should be obvious since I have a blog! But I love to write stories, too! I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for years. It’s nothing serious; just a creative outlet for me!


X, Final Fantasy – I’m totally using the Roman numeral for 10 as my “X.” Sorry, I had to cheat!Β  XD Final Fantasy VIII is actually my favourite game, but X had a big impact on me, also! I love the whole Final Fantasy series!

YOLO – My best friend and I have been trying to take the time to do “adventurous” things, such as ziplining, kayaking, and horseback riding. Next, we would like to try skiing and paintballing!

Zodiac – I’ve always loved reading about the zodiac signs! I’m a Scorpio! It’s so interesting to read about my sign and realize how much of it describes me. Of course, there are many inaccuracies as well but it’s all in good fun!

WOW! That was way harder than I expected it to be! I had to quit writing and then come back so many times because some letters were difficult to come up with a good word. But it was so much fun and I’m glad I completed it! It really got my creative juices flowing! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better and I encourage you to do this tag, as well. I would love to read yours so please let me know if you do it!!

xoxo, Tigritsa

6 thoughts on “The One with the A to Z Tag”

  1. This tag looks so fun! Congrats on 200 followers, that’s exciting!
    Your cat looks so grumpy and adorable in your picture lol I love that you have Rinoa in there, FF 8 9 and 10 were my favorites growing up. I had like all the words memorized to the Eyes on me song from 8! Do you also speak Dutch? My Dad’s side of the family is also from the Netherlands but I never learned the language.


    1. Haha he is the biggest sweetheart!!

      FF8 and 10 are my faves too but I’m just a big fan of the series in general!! I have the words memorized to that song also lol

      I don’t speak Dutch unfortunately! That’s really cool your dad’s side is from there as well! We have a lot in common!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet he is!
        I have so much nostalgia from the games, I need to play FF 15 still. I’ve heard it’s getting great reviews.
        Yeah, small world! Every time I read your answers to blogger tags I’m like, ME TOO!

        Liked by 1 person

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