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The One with the Topbox December 2016 Box

How was everyone’s Christmas?! Mine was great, aside from having to work (grrrr). My work schedule has been crazy and family has been down so I have been kept extremely busy!! I haven’t even been on my WordPress Reader!  😦 I got off work nice and early tonight though so I thought I better play catch up on December’s boxes before the new year gets here!

What is it? Topbox
How much is it? $12 CAD per month (plus tax)
Ships to? Canada
Shipping costs? Free
What’s inside? 4 deluxe sample or full size beauty products

LaRitzy Pro Blender
Makeup sponges, in particular the BeautyBlender or RealTechniques sponge, are my go-to for makeup application! I’m always most happy with my finish when using a sponge. I haven’t heard of this brand or seen any reviews so I have no clue if it will be comparable but I will definitely try it and find out! It’s not available on their website so I think it must be new because they posted about it on their Instagram recently.
Retail Value: $16.25 CAD (full size)

Bella Aura Instant Lifting Eye Contour
I got a Bella Aura product in last month‘s Topbox and while it is little, it is very expensive. It claims to make the eye area look six years younger in 4 weeks. I mean, if that’s true, the price is worth it! I definitely have fine lines developing (I call them my laugh lines!). I’m a bit self conscious about them and sometimes I think I should stop smiling so much… but what kind of life would that be?! So long story short, I’m excited to try this. I’m not sure 10 ml will last me 4 weeks though… 😛
Retail Value: $41.67 CAD for 10 ml (full size is $125 for 30 ml)

Cake Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm
I was so happy I got this!! This has quickly become one of my favourite brands. Their Delectable line of hand creams is so scrumptious smelling and they are so nourishing as well. I’ve never seen this Heavy Cream lotion in stores, though. It’s 20% shea butter, non-greasy, and soooo moisturizing!! And did I mention it smells heavenly?! Like vanilla! This company is Canadian, cruelty free, vegan, paraben free… I mean, what’s not to love?!
Retail Value: $6.60 CAD for 30 ml (full size is $22 for 100 ml)

Fusion Beauty StimuLashFusion Grooming & Enhancing Brow Gel
So I was writing about how I wasn’t excited for this product because I don’t do my brows, but I had to delete all that. When I was researching the product, I learned that it’s basically a treatment you put on your brows overnight to help them grow fuller! So, I actually think this is kind of neat. Now, I can’t find my tube of it to confirm but I believe this sample size is just the brow gel (which also encourages growth but not as much as the night time end) and not double ended like the full size.
Retail Value: $3.67 CAD for 0.05 ml (full size is $44 for 3 ml/end)

Total Retail Value: $68.19 CAD

Bonus Item: Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster
This was sent to me because I complained about their Stocking Stuffer box (the whole story is here). They asked me what I would like and I gave my usual answer – skin care!

Final Thoughts? Wow at that retail value! That is through the roof for Topbox. The Bella Aura product definitely skyrocketed it!! Overall, this is such a great box for $12. I got some awesome products. The hand cream is so good, and I’ll be running out to buy more when this one is gone! I can’t wait to try the sponge and eye cream and even the brow gel. I just filled out the wishlist for next month’s Topbox and I chose the MaskerAide privé but I’m a little nervous to miss out on a great regular box like this one. We will see!  🙂

xoxo, Tigritsa

2 thoughts on “The One with the Topbox December 2016 Box”

  1. Look at that retail value, good job Topbox! I didn’t know that La ritzy sent out their products in subscription boxes other than their own, they made their own beauty line of products fairly recently. Hopefully it’s a good sponge! That brow product sounds really interesting!!

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