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The One with the FabFitFun Winter 2016 Box

My final FabFitFun of the year arrived on Saturday and I was so excited to unbox it! I looked at spoilers but forgot most of what was in there! The box itself is very simplistic in design especially compared to the last few boxes but it works. It’s like a mixture of stars and confetti, for New Years!

What is it? FabFitFun Box
How much is it? $49.99 USD quarterly or $179.99 USD yearly
Ships to? Canada & US
Shipping costs? $8 USD per month; Free for US
What’s inside? Full size, premium beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products, valued $200+

Anderson Lilley Coastal Collection Beach Butter Body Cream
I got this in the scent “Winter in Manhattan Beach” which is a bergamot, citrus, white jasmine, Brazilian soft woods, heliotrope and musk blend. You could also receive it in the scent “Sicilian Tangerine.” While I think I would have preferred the tangerine, this one seems like it will smell good. I didn’t open it yet and couldn’t smell much through the seal. This cream is for dry skin which is perfect for the winter!
Retail Value: $24 USD ($31.52 CAD)

D.L. and Co. Soy Blended Candle
This is another item where you could receive one of two scents – Bergamot Woods in a silver holder or Blackberry Nectar in a gold holder. I chose the blackberry because I love fruity smells and I’m not sure what bergamot is.  XD This smells sooooo heavenly. I keep smelling it over and over! I light candles almost daily in the winter so I love getting a nice candle. These have a 40 hour burn time!
Retail Value: $45 USD ($59.10 CAD)

(Outtake because it was too cute not to share! My cat saw something long and dangly and immediately had to investigate! He left after I wouldn’t let him eat it!)

Gorjana Kiernan Double Pendant Necklace
This is a great layering necklace in silver. I chose this one but you could also choose a different one called “Taner Toggle Lariat” in gold. I liked the simplicity of the silver one and while I wasn’t fully convinced when I saw it online, I love it so much more in person. I hope it didn’t come super tangled for any of you guys like it did for me, though! It took me a good while to untangle it. They should wrap the chain in tissue paper to prevent that but it’s too late now!  XD
Retail Value: $75 USD ($98.51 CAD)

Marie Mae Write With Purpose Thank You Notes
These are the one thing in the box I won’t use. I just never write thank you notes. Is that incredibly rude of me? Oops.  😛 I honestly feel like a personal thank you is just as good, if not better, than a thank you note. I also never expect to receive a thank you note, especially when someone has already thanked me in person. I think it’s one of those old traditions that just isn’t necessary anymore. All of that said, my sister is a thank you note kind of gal so this is going straight into her Christmas gift box! Perfect!
Retail Value: $24 USD ($31.52 CAD)

O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face
I’ve received sample sizes of this many times from Topbox. I actually really like it but I kind of forgot about it since I have so many products. It works like a charm to remove dirt and dead skin from your face. It’s a spray on that exfoliates which leaves your skin glowing and smooth. It really does work so I’m happy to have a full size of this!
Retail Value: $44 USD ($57.78 CAD)

Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara
Anyone else feel like they have a lifetime supply of mascara due to subscription boxes?! I definitely do! Sometimes I switch out my mascaras before they are even finished because I feel like I’ll never get to the end of my supply before they go bad! Mascara is the one make up item that I wear every single day. I rarely go without it! I’ve never tried any makeup from Butter London before but this mascara looks pretty awesome! It claims to volumize while also separating and defining lashes!
Retail Value: $20 USD ($26.26 CAD)

Moleskine Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner
This probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea considering technology has taken over, but I still love jotting down my work schedule, appointments, birthdays, etc. I have a calendar on my wall with all the deets but I also like to keep a planner. I could choose between green or purple but I decided to go with green!
Retail Value: $20.95 USD ($27.51 CAD)

Total Retail Value: $252.95 USD ($332.15 CAD)

Starlight Children’s Foundation Star Pin
This is a pin they sent out to represent the charity they are partnering with, the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This charity has a mission to bring happiness to seriously ill children and their families! FabFitFun encourages you to spread awareness for the foundation by wearing this pin in an Instagram photo!

Final Thoughts? So initially, I must admit, I remember not being super impressed with the spoilers. But after I unboxed it for myself, I realized that I really did love pretty much everything in this box. I think we were a little spoiled last box with 9 items (plus 2 good sized bonuses) so this box felt a little empty in comparison. This box’s value is actually slightly higher, though! One thing that is missing from this box is sponsored items! Small little extras that they normally throw in! I also noticed that there isn’t anything in this box that you could classify as a fitness product, which is unusual for them! Their name is FabFitFun afterall. I personally don’t mind because I don’t work out but I think there will be some disappointed people.

xoxo, Tigritsa

11 thoughts on “The One with the FabFitFun Winter 2016 Box”

  1. I’ve always been super curious to try the fabfitfun boxes forever! Everytime I get to starting a subscription I somehow chicken out- it may be just the cost. Really nice winter box! I would be so excited for the candle and moleskin!


    1. The price is pretty high, especially when we are so used to subs being in the $15-$25 range! It’s very intimidating (plus it’s in US dollars lol). I would definitely miss it if I unsubscribed. I love it too much!


  2. Your Cat! He’s so cute!! I probably wouldn’t have used the thank you cards either, The only time I’ve ever given thank you notes was after our wedding and it took so long trying to write a personal message in each one. I feel that a phone call or verbal thank you would have been enough. The retail value in this box is still pretty great, even if the spoilers were underwhelming!


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