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The One with the Topbox Stocking Stuffer Box and The Kit’s Holiday Guide Box 2016

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Around this time of year, I find that Topbox puts out some excellent beauty boxes to purchase. They are a one-time buy – no need to be subscribed! This year, I picked up two of their boxes: the Limited Edition Stocking Stuffers Box and The Kit’s Limited Edition Holiday Guide Box! They also have one more for purchase but I decided to skip on that one since it was a little more pricey (LOULOU’s Limited Edition Holiday Get-Glam Box).

The Kit’s Limited Edition Holiday Guide Box 2016

I want to start with The Kit’s Holiday Guide Box since I was really overwhelmed with excitement as I unboxed it for the first time. I think I forgot what was actually in the box so I was very impressed I got all this great stuff for $26 (plus I had a 10% off code – 8P8AX7FC0ZOU).

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask
I’ve received quite a few of these masks from sub boxes and from Gen Beauty but they are awesome and my skin looks and feels amazing after using!
Retail Value: $10.74 CAD (full size)

Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gel
I am so curious to try this product! I haven’t had the best luck with getting lip plumpers to work on my lips but hopefully the other benefits (moisture, repair, etc.) work as promised!
Retail Value: $10.06 CAD for 1 ($20.13 CAD for 2-pack)

Mèreadesso Face and Neck Cleanser
This comes with a little cloth that you are supposed to use in combination with the cleanser! It claims to remove waterproof mascara!
Retail Value: $6.40 CAD for 1 ($32 CAD for 5-pack)

North American Hemp Co. Linoleic Line Lifting Face Cream
I have another one of these from a different beauty box and I haven’t got around to using it yet since I have so many skincare items I’m trying to get through. But it is a product I am excited to try because of it’s anti-aging and hydrating benefits!
Retail Value: $2.65 CAD for 5 ml ($26.49 for 50 ml)

Sahajan Organic Ayurvedic Blend Restorative Eye Cream
I love getting eye creams because in general they are usually pretty expensive so getting them in beauty boxes is a great way to use high quality products without having to spend the extra cash.
Retail Value: $25.60 CAD for 8 ml ($48 CAD for 15 ml)

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster
I’m not sure what consistency this is but it says to use before serum and moisturizer so I’m going to guess it’s an essence type product. I’m usually pretty impressed with Elizabeth Arden’s skin care!
Retail Value: $14.53 CAD for 5 ml ($87.21 CAD for 30 ml)

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator
Believe it or not, I’ve never tried a Clinique skin care product! I think this will be perfect for winter when my skin needs the extra hydration!
Retail Value: $6.44 CAD for 7 ml ($46 CAD for 50 ml)

Bella Aura Gentle Purifying Cleaner
This is another skin care product I’m excited to try. I know for some people skincare isn’t their priority but for me it is, so I’m very happy to get a box with so much! Another cleanser that looks great!
Retail Value: $4.50 CAD for 10 ml ($45 CAD for 100 ml)

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight Intense Soothing Care Face and Eyes
This is a moisturizer than can be used for face and eyes. That is great because I love a good hydrating eye cream so that my under-eye makeup looks amazing.
Retail Value: $1.48 CAD for 2 ml ($29.36 CAD for 40 ml)

Deborah Lippmann Luxurious Nail Color
We had the option of choosing the colour “Happy Birthday” or “99 Luftballons” and I chose the latter. Both were fun glittery shades but I loved the red! They look like confetti!
Retail Value: $22 CAD (full size)

Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream
I get extremely dry skin on my hands during the winter season. I’ve used this cream before and it really works well to heal and protect dry, cracked hands.
Retail Value: $5.16 CAD for 30 ml ($15.49 CAD for 90 ml)

Mettrum Originals Hemp Lip Balm
This came in the flavour “Watermelon.” I always love to try new lip balms and this one is Canadian! I’ll open this once I’m done a few I have on the go.
Retail Value: $3.99 CAD (full size)

Barefoot Venus Lip Bliss Lip Balm
Another Canadian lip balm! I have the Mint lip balm from them and I really like the formula. I think I will like this one a lot better since it is “Ruby Red” which must mean grapefruit! I love citrus scents. I love the look of the packages but find them a little annoying to use.
Retail Value: $7.50 CAD (full size)

Total Retail Value: $121.05 CAD

Final Thoughts? That’s it for The Kit’s Holiday Guide Box! What did you think? Would you have loved this or is there too much skincare?  XD It was the perfect box for me! I love all the skin care options and the lip balms! I think $26 is a steal for all this product, also!!

Limited Edition Stocking Stuffer Box

This box, I have to say, I was a little disappointed in. I actually had to e-mail Topbox about it. I ordered it because I wanted to try the bareMinerals products, especially the Gen Nude lipstick. They were listed in the description as deluxe samples but when I opened up my box, they were just card samples. I e-mailed Topbox about it and they just said “thanks for voicing your disappointment” and that was it. I was a little pissed, to be honest. I paid for something and didn’t get what I paid for.

I e-mailed them back and said it was wrong of them to not try to make it right. They decided to offer me a free item for my December Topbox. While it didn’t fix the issue, I didn’t want to get into it and just accepted their offer. I noticed that they have since corrected their description on the website to read “card sample” instead of “deluxe sample.” So now you know what you will actually get! Okay, sorry for this long rant. On to the box!

bareMinerals barePRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation
In this card sample, there are 5 shades to try. There doesn’t look to be enough to do a full face, and of course, quite a few of the shades will be unusable. It’s hard to put a value to these samples so I will estimate $5 for each card.
Retail Value: $5 CAD for card sample ($36 CAD for full size)

bareMinerals GEN NUDE Radiant Lipstick
So this was the reason I ordered this box. I thought for the same price as a full size, I could get this deluxe sample plus a bunch of other goodies. But it turned out to be this card sample (they changed the description soon after I emailed them about it). I see the description still says the shade “Sexpot” which further made me believe I was getting a single deluxe sample in that colour. There are 4 colour options which is nice because now I get to try multiple shades but like I said, it just wasn’t what was promised, which was the issue.
Retail Value: $5 CAD for card sample ($25 CAD for full size)

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
I’m currently using another bottle I had of this in my skincare regime. It’s a nice brightening serum and I’m happy to have another.
Retail Value: $35.37 CAD for 10 ml ($106.12 CAD for 50 ml)

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask
This is quite a small sample but I’m excited to try this overnight mask. I have a couple night masks like this and I love how amazing my skin looks when I wake up.
Retail Value: $11.82 CAD for 5 ml ($118.21 CAD for 30 ml)

MaskerAide All Eyes on Me Hydrating Eye Gel Patches
I’ve received these a bunch of times from Topbox but they are great! They’re very soothing and hydrating and I like that we got 2!
Retail Value: $12.50 CAD for 2 ($25 CAD for 4-pack)

BVspa by Bon Vital’ Body Lotion
I got this in a recent Topbox, too. It’s pink grapefruit scent which I love and while I have quite a few lotions to use up before this one, I will definitely be using it.
Retail Value: $1.52 CAD for 30 ml ($11.99 CAD for 236 ml)

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer
This is in the colour “Postcards from Paris” which is a pretty seafoam blue. I already have this polish from Topbox and while I think the colour is pretty, I find these polishes separate so quickly and easily.
Retail Value: $12.09 CAD (full size)

Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel
This lip crayon is in the shade “Champagne” which isn’t available to buy anymore, I don’t think. I actually really like this colour but I already have a full size of this same one so I put this one in my Christmas giveaway.
Retail Value: $29.55 CAD (full size)

Total Retail Value: $112.85 CAD

Final Thoughts? Like I said, I only purchased this box because I thought I was getting a deluxe sample of the Gen Nude lipstick in “Sexpot.” I honestly wouldn’t have paid the $25 for it if I had known they were dinky little card samples.  XD I mean, it’s nice to have backups of some of these items but I didn’t really need them. I wish I could have saved myself the money. *sigh*

xoxo, Tigritsa

8 thoughts on “The One with the Topbox Stocking Stuffer Box and The Kit’s Holiday Guide Box 2016”

  1. Ooohh you got quite a nice number of masks! I was tempted to get these boxes during black Friday but decided not to because I still have samples to use up.

    To bad the stocking stuffer bag was disappointing. I hope they make it better in your December box!


  2. The value of The Kit box is so great! It’s really unfortunate about the false advertising on the bare minerals products, a card sample is definitely not the same as a deluxe sample!! At least they offered you an extra item next month but I would still be annoyed!


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