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The One with the #MorpheMe October 2016 Box

I’ve been trying to expand my brush collection lately so I decided to sign up for LiveGlam’s Morphe brush subscription! Every month you will get at least $30 worth of Morphe brushes. There will be anywhere from 3-7 brushes (the more expensive the brushes, the less you will get; the cheaper the brushes, the more you will get).

This is also like the Julep subscription where you can skip months without having to cancel! I love that so much in a subscription. It’s very helpful and I find I’m more likely to subscribe when I have that option.

They also have a great referral program where if you sign up with my link, we will both get a free brush! I used a friend’s link to sign up and I got my free brush which is awesome. They also have a rewards program. You earn points every month from subbing or referring and you can use those points to buy brushes and makeup items!

What is it? #MorpheMe Brush Club
How much is it? $19.99 USD
Ships to? Worldwide
Shipping costs? Free in Canada & US ($7 International)
What’s inside? $30+ of Morphe brushes (3-7 brushes)

This month’s brushes are exclusive to MorpheMe subscribers! They are a limited edition gorgeous black gunmetal set that will not be sold on Morphe Brushes. You still have until October 22nd to sign up if you want to get this set! I am most excited about the contour brush. I don’t already own a brush like that so I’m very interested to try it for my contour!

Being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they have a little theme going on. The insert actually unfolds and there is a poster on the back.

The set includes (top to bottom) the LGM1: Flat Contour, the LGM2: Small Pointed Powder, and the LGM3: Tapered Blending Fluff. Descriptions are from the website.

LGM1: Flat Contour
This dense, flat synthetic brush will give you a very precise cream or powder contour application, great for carving cheekbones. (retail $11.99)

LGM2: Small Pointed Powder
This soft, dense synthetic brush will give you a precise and diffused application of cream or powder. (retail $17.99)

LGM3: Tapered Blending Fluff
This fluffy, pointed synthetic brush is perfect for a defined, blended crease. Also great to apply eye primer or blend cream shadow. (retail $8.99)

BONUS: M214 Oval Shadow/Concealer
This is the free brush I got for signing up using a friend’s link. I was able to choose between 3 and since I need more shadow brushes, I picked this one. They also included a cute “Knock Out Breast Cancer” sticker!

Final Thoughts? Overall, I am very pleased with this set of brushes! I had no idea that they sometimes make exclusive brushes just for the sub and I like that. Definitely lures you in.  😉 I think this gunmetal set is just stunning and I picked a great month to sign up! I also love that I will be able to preview next month’s brushes and decide if I want to skip the month or not.

xoxo, Tigritsa


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