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The One with the Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Palettes

About 5 days ago, there was a fantastic deal on the Sephora website. Customize your own Buxom palette with 6 eyeshadows for $20! You read that right. Twenty dollars. I’ve never bought an expensive palette before but at that price, I knew I had to get one – make that two!

I missed out on the deal at first when the eyeshadows I chose went out of stock as I was picking them! I couldn’t check out fast enough and they sold right out. Luckily, the next day, Sephora restocked all the shadows! I quickly chose 6 colours and checked out!

Because it was such a good deal, an hour later I purchased one more palette. I just couldn’t resist! I really did try…maybe not hard enough!  😉 In my cart, the subtotal was $110 with a discount of $90 off and the shipping was free. Plus, because I did two separate orders, I was able to use two different codes to get two free deluxe samples, and double up on the foil samples.

Here is my first palette. I did not choose all these colours the first go around but since the shadows are sent to you in individual boxes, you are able to choose exactly where to place them and in my case, which palette I wanted to put them in. I thought these colours all went together the best!

I tend to wear purple and peach shades of eyeshadow the most so this palette will get a lot of use. “Glitz Factor” is even more stunning in person and I love how “Champagne Buzz” is the colour that made me buy a second palette when it sold out the first time around! I almost didn’t buy “Wild Nights” but I’m so happy I did. It might be my favourite of these 6!

buxomswatches1From left to right: Patent Leather, La-La-Lavish, Silver Screen, Champagne Buzz, Glitz Factor, and Wild Nights

Here is my second palette! These colours don’t match up as well as the previous one, but I still think it matches well enough. I really wanted to try some green shadows since I don’t usually wear that colour and I’m super happy with what I chose, as I got some neutrals as well.

I think “Room Service” is so stunning and it’s probably my favourite of this bunch! “Twilight Tryst” is actually a duo-chrome which I didn’t know when I ordered, so we will see if I can figure out the proper technique to apply it. “Silk Sheets” is the perfect colour for the brow bone, inner corner or lower lashline!

buxomswatches2From left to right: Bold Bling, Silk Sheets, Room Service, Pure Platinum, Made of Jade, and Twilight Tryst

I love how these shadows apply. They’re extremely pigmented and I purposely chose the shimmery iridescent shades because that’s my personal preference for eyeshadow! I’ll be able to get so many different looks out of these 12 shades. They will be fun to play with!

For my free samples, I chose Kat Von D’s Lock-It Concealer Creme, Nude Firming Youth Oil, and Ren Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion, which I got 2 each of. The only other samples were perfumes and I never want the perfume samples.

For my free deluxe samples, I got a set of 4 face oils by Darphin using the code AROMATIC and Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar using the code REFRESH.

Were you able to snag one of these palettes before they were sold out? Let me know what colours you got in the comments or leave your link so I can see! It’s so neat seeing what everyone chose and how different people’s ideal colours are!! Hope you enjoyed this post!

xoxo, Tigritsa

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