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The One with the Topbox September 2016 Box

Wow, talk about leaving things to the last minute. I always forget about my Topbox! That’s sad, isn’t it? It must mean I have way too much stuff! Nah, that can’t be right.  😉 There were a couple privé box options for September that I was pretty tempted by but in the end, I opted for the regular box. I received an e-mail from Topbox asking what shade of Make Up For Ever foundation I was so I had a feeling we would be getting it in our regular boxes.

What is it? Topbox
How much is it? $12 CAD per month
Ships to? Canada
Shipping costs? Free
What’s inside? 4 deluxe sample or full size beauty products

BVspa by Bon Vital’ Body Lotion
This lotion has a very light consistency and contains 6 natural oils and extracts, including plant-based squalane, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil. It is pink grapefruit scented which is one of my favourite smells! I don’t need another lotion but because it smells so good, I’m pretty happy I got this! It does not test on animals!
Retail Value: $1.52 CAD

gorge* I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray
I got this in my most recent Luxe Box. I’m really happy to get another bottle of this because it really is as amazing as it’s name claims. It make your hair super soft and healthy looking. And I love that it’s a heat protector also! There are so many awesome benefits in this leave-in conditioner.
Retail Value: $9.86 CAD

Delectable Everything Balm
I have 3 or 4 of these mini balms laying around and I’ve never used them. They smell sooo good but I think because there are just so many uses for it, I’m just confused where to start. You can use it to soften skin, tame brows, condition cuticles, seal split ends… the list goes on!! I should just start using it as a lip balm. So simple, right?!
Retail Value: $5.60 CAD

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation
I also got this product in my fall Luxe Box. I really wanted another sample of it because I loved it! I got the shade “115 = R230” which is a pretty close match to my untanned skin. It’s perfect for winter when my tan begins to fade! I liked the coverage of it. I haven’t tried it since my skin broke out recently but I’d like to so I can see how well it covers red pimples!
Retail Value: $8.67 CAD

Total Retail Value: $25.65

$10 Beauty Surprise: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Palette (Retail Value: $26.12 CAD)
I love this! I completely forgot I had ordered an add-on. I ordered one for my Luxe Box and I wasn’t happy with what I got (a green eye liner) so I was pretty shocked to see an entire palette as my surprise! Coastal Scents is a cheap brand but it’s not bad! I have some of their eyeshadows already from my old Birchbox subscription and they wear nicely. This add-on is such an improvement from my Luxe Box add on!!

Bonus Item: Unilever Limited Edition “Classic Box”
Just like my Luxe Box from last month, Topbox has included an absolutely free bonus – a Unilever limited edition box! This is such a great freebie. Any items I won’t use will go to stocking stuffers or the women’s shelter! Buy this box or the “Trends Box” here for $10.

Final Thoughts? Well, this is not the highest value box I’ve ever seen. But the funny thing is that it’s one of my favourites that I’ve ever received from Topbox! They aren’t really known for high value boxes anyway (it only costs $12). I got 4 great products so there is no room for me to complain! I’d rather get 4 low valued items that I will use than 4 high valued items that I won’t use!! I’m also super happy with my add-on and the free Unilever box.  😀

xoxo, Tigritsa

7 thoughts on “The One with the Topbox September 2016 Box”

    1. The body lotion and daily spray are 30 ml, foundation is 5 ml, and the everything balm is 7 ml! So it varies! I find the more expensive the full size is, the smaller of a sample you get. Make Up For Ever for example is the smallest sample because it’s an expensive product, while the body lotion is a cheap product so they send a bigger sample size! Hope that helps. 🙂

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    1. It was my first time getting the surprise item. I got one for Luxe Box and one for Topbox! The Luxe Box was an eyeliner and I was NOT happy lol. But then the Topbox surprise was great. So I guess it’s a toss up!

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