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The One with the Luxe Box September 2016 Box

My yearly subscription with Luxe Box has come to an end! I would love to keep subscribing but I’m trying to save some money and get through some already owned products. The next box isn’t until December, so maybe I will decide to get it then! This season’s box was pretty good and they included a Unilever Limited Edition “Trends Box” (which you can buy for $10 here) for FREE! You gotta love free stuff.

What is it? Luxe Box
How much is it? $26 CAD quarterly
Ships to? Canada
Shipping costs? Free
What’s inside? 7-8 deluxe sample or full size beauty products

Coastal Scents Blush and Bronzer Mini Palette
I was super shocked to see a palette in my Luxe Box! I think this is so great and I will get a lot of use out of it. It includes 2 blushes, a highlighter, a bronzer and a contour shade.  Coastal Scents is an inexpensive makeup brand but they all swatch very nicely and are well pigmented!
Retail Value: $18.36 CAD

Ciaté Paint Pot
I think Luxe Box sent out a variety of colours. I got a turquoise green shade called “Ditch the Heels.” At first I thought I would really like this polish but it looks like you need 3 coats to get an opaque finish. I’ll definitely try it again but if that’s the case, I have other brands in turquoise I would rather use.
Retail Value: $15.66 CAD

Bellapierre Cheek and Lip Stain
You could receive pink or coral, and I got the coral. I normally stick to light pinks but I tried this on, and the coral suits me. I like this way more than I thought I would! I simply applied it with my finger and it’s perfect for people like me who are too shy to wear bold colours.
Retail Value: $26.32 CAD

gorge* I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray
Finally! I have been hoping to get this in one of my subs since I heard about it when I first started subscribing. This is one of those magical leave-in conditioners that has many benefits, including detangling, heat protection, damage repair, added shine, and more. I hope it’s as good as I’m expecting!
Retail Value: $9.86 CAD

Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel
When I first saw my box preview, I had to sigh about the 2 lip products. Well, I’m glad I was proven wrong because I actually ended up liking both of them! This lip crayon is in the colour “Champagne” and it’s another shade I haven’t really experimented with before. But I’ve discovered I really like this colour on me! I also like that it’s made with 100% natural macadamia seed oil, shea butter and jojoba seed oil to benefit my lips.
Retail Value: $28.95 CAD

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick
Is this supposed to be an eyeliner or an eyeshadow? I have no clue. I’m thinking you could probably use it as either. I got this in the colour “Gilt” which is a nice bronze-y shade. It’s creamy and smooth and I like the roll up instead of having to sharpen it! It’s very easy to use as a liner and with a primer, I think it would make a great shadow.
Retail Value: $15.79

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation
I am beyond ecstatic to receive this foundation sample! I’ve always wanted to try this and I’m the kind of person that needs to try an expensive product first before I’m willing to blindly shell out the money for it! Luxe Box sent out an e-mail to choose a shade. There weren’t many choices but I opted for “115 = R230 Ivory” and really hoped it would match my skin. I think it’s a pretty good match! I haven’t done my whole face yet so I’m still anxious to test this baby out!
Retail Value: $8.67 CAD

Total Retail Value: $123.61 CAD

$10 Surprise Item: Tarte Skinny SmolderEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in “Azurite Green” (Retail Value: $25 CAD)
Both Luxe Box and Topbox have the option to add a $10 beauty surprise to your box and this was my first time ordering it. It will also be my last! While it’s a good value, I was expecting something better than just eyeliner. I post in facebook groups where the ladies got some pretty awesome stuff such as full size SeaRx Microdermabrasion scrub ($58 value) and Pur-lisse Jet Set starter kit (also $58). I guess my expectations were too high!

Bonus Item: Unilever Limited Edition “Trends Box”
This was a phenomenal freebie for Luxe Box to include in our boxes this month. These are all items I will use (although I’ve never tried a spray deodorant before!). I could also use these for stocking stuffers!

You can purchase this box here. It costs $10 but you can actually get it for only $5 if you have a coupon code! I ordered this one before I knew I was getting it for free, as well as the “Classic Box” and only paid  $11.30 for both! The discount codes I used were O5bts60rivdp and WEG0S4CWLEV4. I hope they will work for you also!

Final Thoughts? I am pretty happy with this Luxe Box. I like everything I got and the value is very high, which is a bonus. I think it’s one of the best Luxe Boxes I have received since I started subscribing. It was super cool of them to also include a free Unilever box. I think all the colours I got suited me and I’ll definitely use all these products. It’s a shame I had to cancel after a great box! I just didn’t want to do another yearly subscription but I hope to be able to subscribe again in December.

xoxo, Tigritsa

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