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The One with the Julep September 2016 Maven Box

When I signed up for Julep, I signed up for a 3-month subscription. I skipped the last 2 months because I thought I would wait until my Ipsy annual sub is done and then I’d still have a box to look forward to. Well, I caved and got the Julep September box. It was their 5 year anniversary and they had some great items to choose from that I didn’t want to pass up on!!

What is it? Julep Maven Box
How much is it? $24.99 USD monthly
Ships to? Canada & US
Shipping costs? Free
What’s inside? 3 full size nail or beauty products

Get in Line Invisible Lip Liner
This product intrigued me so much that I just had to get it. As you may know, I’m not the biggest lip product person (it’s scary!) but I have been trying to start small – glosses and tinted balms. Since I don’t use lip products a lot, I don’t want to have to buy every shade of liner to go with every shade of lip colour I have. So I thought this invisible lip liner might just be what I’m looking for.

It doesn’t have the greatest reviews on the Julep website but sometimes I would rather try something myself. A lot of the complaints had to do with the cap – it was too hard to get off. They must have fixed this issue because mine came off easy as pie. Another complaint was it’s too soft and the tip broke off easily. I didn’t have this problem either.

I’m actually wearing it right now as I type this with my Julep It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse and I love the difference it makes for applying. I can’t wait to see how it holds up over the next few hours. Maybe I will edit this post with an update. 😉
Retail Value: $16 USD ($12.80 Maven)

Cheers to Five Years! Mini Eyeliner Set
So this is the product that made me get my September box! I own one of Julep’s When Pencil Meets Gel eye liners already and I was really impressed with it and immediately wanted more. Well, this set is perfect because it comes with 5 minis!

They are so nice because they glide on so smoothly and once they are set, they don’t budge. I did swatches on my hand and they do not smudge at all when I rub them!

The colours are so pretty. We have Galaxy Black Shimmer, Deep Sea Foam Shimmer, Gilded Gold Shimmer, Lilac Shimmer, and Ultraviolet. I love that all five are colours I will wear.
Retail Value: $40 USD ($32 Maven)

Total Retail Value: $56 USD ($44.80 Maven) / $73.28 CAD ($58.63 Maven)

Final Thoughts? I paid $19.99 USD for this box since I did the 3-month subscription and the value far exceeds that! The eyeliner set is truly a gem. I’m very happy it was included in our choices and that I was able to still pick one more item! To me, Julep is such a great sub box to have. It’s so awesome that we can skip as many months as we want while also maintaining our Maven discounts in the store.

xoxo, Tigritsa


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