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The One with the Julep Pool Party Mystery Box

After swearing I wouldn’t buy anymore nail polish from Julep (aside from my subscription), I broke down after receiving multiple e-mails about a so-called mystery bag. Why do I subscribe to these e-mails? They get me every time.

$24.99 for $100+ worth of products, the e-mail boasted! Well, how can I refuse that? Sounds like a deal to me. And the bag pictured was just too lovely to pass up on. I debated for days before finally checking out on the last day it was available.

Take a look at this bag! I’m in love. It’s a see-through plastic, and it says “Makeup the Rules” – and it’s huge! I expected it to be maybe a little bit bigger than the typical Ipsy glam bag, but I didn’t anticipate it being so large. It’s absolutely perfect to use for liquids while travelling.

I received four polishes in the bag. I think I was expecting more makeup so at first I was like *sigh* but after taking a good look at the colours, I was pretty excited about the shimmery red and lilac glitter. Unfortunately, I already own the gorgeous purple. The almost-white light pink is just okay for me.

There were just two makeup items in the mystery box. I got their Lip Gloss in the colour “Enchanted.” At first I thought it might be too dark of a pink for my liking but it went on very subtle and pretty. I always forget a gloss appears much darker in the tube!

I also got their Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliner in “Electric Teal Shimmer,” which is out of stock on their website. I’ve been really digging the bright turquoise and teals for eyeliner lately. When I swatched this, I just about drooled. It went on so creamy and bright. I am really excited to wear this, and now I think I want more colours of this eyeliner!

So that was it for my mystery box. First glance, I had a lot of regret. I shouldn’t have paid $33 CAD for this!! But after closer inspection, I did like what I got. One thing bothered me though. Looking at it, I couldn’t stop thinking “how is this $100+?!” I tallied up the costs and it totalled $92 non-Maven prices, and $73.60 with the discount Maven prices. Now I’m a little salty. I was promised over $100 worth of products. :/

To top things off, I received a dried up Brightening Nail Treatment. This was not part of the mystery bag. I had a coupon code JUNEBRIGHTER to get this item free with any purchase. I e-mailed them about it right away and they’ve already shipped me a replacement! I might have to e-mail about this bag only being a $92 value!!

What do you guys think of the bag? Did anyone else buy the mystery bag and get something different? I’d love to see!

Stay beautiful, my friends!



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