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The One with the John Frieda Influenster Box

I was lucky enough to get in on the John Frieda campaign from Influenster! They send out a completely free box in exchange for an honest review! Definitely sign up if you like free stuff! It’s hard to get chosen, I think. This is my first time!

I received the Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Restoring shampoo, conditioner and oil elixir! All 3 products are full-size and new, which is always exciting! I don’t have to write a blog review for this campaign but I wanted to share some thoughts on these products. says, “Our Restoring Shampoo revives blonde hair’s healthy, vivid hues. Rejuvenates and restores vibrancy to distressed strands.” says, “Repair and restore a healthy look and feel to distressed blonde hair. Our Restoring Conditioner moisturizes while repairing damaged hair to revive vibrancy.” says, “Our Restoring Oil Elixir, with sunflower oil, visibly repairs damage and replenishes hair to bring life to dull blonde hair and strengthens strands.”

I used all 3 products exclusively for about 6 weeks, so I feel like I definitely got a good feel for how they performed. To put it plainly, I did not see an overwhelming difference in the vibrancy of my blonde.

Would I purchase? Yes. I know that may be surprising after I said I did not see changes but hear me out. I think I would skip the oil elixir but I would definitely buy the shampoo and conditioner. They left my hair so freaking soft. I’m actually in awe of how soft my hair is lately! I’ve also noticed a lot less frizz and my hair looks a lot healthier. I can feel how silky smooth my hair feels in the shower while I’m washing and conditioning. That’s the best feeling when I normally have a hard time getting my fingers through my hair!

So, in conclusion, if I were to be rating these products based on what they are intended for, I would probably only give them a 2 or 3 out of 5. If I were to rate them based on how healthy and soft they left my hair, it’s an easy 5 out of 5. Strange, isn’t it? It’s why I wanted to share this review in case others are looking for a shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair feeling amazingly smooth!!



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