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The One with Generation Beauty by Ipsy 2016 Toronto (Day Two)

I blogged about my day one experience at Generation Beauty here and now I’ll share with you about my day two! My friends and I had 8 booths left to visit. We knew the event was advertised from 11-3 but it was posted online that the schedule was changed until 5! We thought we had lots of time so we didn’t rush to get there for 11. I think we arrived around 11:30. We would later find out that the event was not changed and that it was just a website glitch. Oops!

Of course, the first thing I did was check out the Make Up For Ever line. CLOSED. Are you kidding? So my friends and I headed over to the Crown Brush booth where there was barely a line. We got a sea green coloured eye liner pencil. I thought for sure we would be getting a brush! My friend liked their brushes a lot and bought some.
Retail Value: $9.66

While my friend was shopping at Crown, I went to the Skinfix line because I noticed it was next to empty. They had run out of samples! They offered a coupon and a hand massage instead, but I declined. I needed to get shit done! I headed over to Caudalie because it’s line was short again today. I had a feeling why. They had run out of samples, also. Apparently they were not prepared at all and had 50 samples for an event where there was clearly hundreds of people. I was so disappointed. Caudalie was one of the brands I was most looking forward to trying something from!

Next stop was Essence. They were giving out two items! A Long Lasting red lipstick and an emery board with a plastic case! There was some cute props for taking photos but my friend really was not in the mood, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any cute pictures this day.
Retail Value: Lipstick – $3.86 / Emery board – $2.88

I wanted to go to PÜR or Nudestix next but the lineup was pretty long. My friend and I decided to give each other our tickets so that we could go stand in separate lines to get them done faster. I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner. I guess because it’s lonely to wait alone! But this day, we knew if we wanted to get into that MUFE line, we needed to be more time efficient! My friend waited in the Nudestix line and we got Gel Color lip & cheek balms! We were able to choose a colour so my friend sent me a picture message and I told her which one I wanted. Cell phones really come in handy, don’t they?
Retail Value: $28

I waited in the PÜR line, and my friend eventually joined me after the Nudestix line. The PÜR line was pretty long. I think I waited 30 minutes. It was worth it for the pretty awesome free gift. It’s a Double Ego dual-ended eyeliner, and I chose the bright turquoise! I was really impressed with the liquid side. We could choose from 5 colours. I loved the booths where we could choose our own shade.
Retail Value: $27.08

We noticed people were lining up all the way down the hall for the MUFE line, even though it was closed. We decided we should just get in the line anyway and hope for the best. This was around 12:45 when we joined the line, and we thought we still had until 5. We thought, no problem, we’ll get in for sure! But then I asked online, and was able to find out about the website glitch. At that point, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get to this booth!

Other than MUFE, we only had Pixi left to go to. My friend stayed in the MUFE line while I went to Pixi. It was a pretty big line and was moving so slowly. I didn’t hear great things about the free gift so I was wondering why it was so busy. I guess there was a meet and greet about to happen! One of the workers was so sweet to come and ask people in line if they’d rather just come forward to get their gift, if they’re not waiting for the meet and greet. I jumped all over that! So I got our Glow Mud Mask (which I was happy about since I love masks) and ran back to the MUFE line!
Retail Value: $14.88

It was 1 o’ clock when I got back to the MUFE line where my friend was holding our spot. She told me that the staff members were saying we were wasting their time waiting in this line. We apparently were not getting in! I couldn’t believe that. We still had 2 hours! We were very fortunate that we did indeed end up getting to the front of the line – it only took an hour and a half! XD Unfortunately, by this time it was 2:30, and there were no foundation samples left or time to be colour matched. I believe that process is why the line was taking so long in the first place. We got 2 Aqua XL eyeliners (I got black and a lilac colour), an Artist Palette Duo Vide eye shadow, and Sens’Eyes Waterproof Eye Cleanser in the cute makeup bag! I think people on day one got more than that, though. I think they were running low!
Retail Value: Eye liners – $25 each, Eye shadow – $25 each, Makeup Remover – $13, Makeup Bag – $5 (estimated)

We still had half an hour before the event was over so we decided to walk around until it was done. I was debating buying something from pur-lisse and Caudalie. My mind was read because 5 minutes later, an announcement was made over the speakers that all pur-lisse products were being discounted to $10 each! I was walking by the line at the time so I ran right over! I love this brand, and $10 is such a steal. I bought 4 items, regular priced $350 for $40! They explained that it was cheaper to discount the products and sell them than to ship them back to the States. They also threw in an extra Blue Lotus eye serum.
Retail Value: SPF 30 Moisturizer – $70.93, Brightening Serum – $98.01, Age-Delay Serum – $98.01, Quadra Benefit Eye Serum – $83.82, Blue Lotus Eye Serum – $38.26, Sheet Mask – $8

I want to take a minute to sing Jennifer Yen’s praises. She is the CEO/creator of pur-lisse. My friends had just previously bought from the booth before the discount was announced, and wondered if they could get some extra products, since they just spent over $100. She agreed to give a bunch of extra stuff to them and was so nice about it. She didn’t have to do that. And she even gave me a sheet mask and I wasn’t even complaining! She was so sweet!

And that was it. The event was done! This was my day two goodies. We walked around a bit, and were told we could take as many foil samples from Ogx as we wanted, so I took 5! XD The last thing to look at is Sunday’s swag bag! I saw later that you could get a bag with two different items. One had a Luxie brush instead of an Ogx shampoo. I really wish I got that one instead!

Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream -$5.16, Blue Lotus & Seaweed Sheet Mask – $8, GlamGlow FlashMud Brightening Treatment – $24, Ogx Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo – $1.40, Pixi Vitamin Veil Foundation – $16.72, Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream – $7, PÜR Volume Vixen Mascara – $16.24, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil – $3.21, Royal & Langnickel Moda Lip Brush Duo – $7.72
Total Bag Value: $89.45 ($202.01 for both bags)


Generation Beauty was such an amazing experience! I paid the pioneer rate of $63 for my ticket and I can safely say it was more than worth it. Just look at all the loot I got! Well over $700 worth of stuff! If you ever have the opportunity to go, I definitely recommend it. You will need patience for the lines though, and I would suggest bringing a friend to keep you company or to work as a team to get through two lines at a time!

I grouped my stuff together and took some pictures because – oh so pretty!

Everything from both days (plus my kitty who missed me!)

img_0010Skin stuff

Face stuff

Eye liners

Hair stuff

Hand Creams


Lip stuff

Eye stuff




Hope you enjoyed!
xoxo, Tigritsa

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    1. It was hit and miss with the staff! I had some good experiences too which I tried to mention also! I think majority are volunteers, except maybe the people who worked in the actual booths, so communication was poor, I’m thinking!!

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