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The One with Generation Beauty by Ipsy 2016 Toronto (Day One)

I just got back from an amazing 2-day event in Toronto this weekend called Generation Beauty by Ipsy! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a makeup convention. I personally wanted to go to get all the swag but it’s a great opportunity for YouTubers and makeup artists to network! You could get your make up done, purchase discounted products, play little games, take cute pictures, and of course, get your free gifts from each booth! This will probably be a long post because I want to share as much detail about my experience as I can remember! You have been warned. 😉

I went with one of my best friends and her friend. I have to be honest, I was a little annoyed at first. The event started at 11 am and her friend was late, so we missed the first hour waiting for her. The first thing you need to do before entering is register. They give you a VIP type badge to wear around your neck and a sharpie to write your name on it. You don’t want to lose this badge because inside is a map and all your tickets to claim your free products!

The first booth I wanted to go to was Too Faced. They were giving out a full size Born This Way concealer! This product is brand new and has not even hit stores yet. The lineup was huge! While we were waiting in line, some of the staff were getting pretty annoyed with the size of the lineup and I felt were acting rude towards the people in line. I was a little surprised when a guy from Too Faced came up to me, whipped out a concealer, and started dabbing it under my eyes without warning! It was a little funny, actually. So, when we finally reached the front of the line, at that point we had waited an hour. After giving our ticket and receiving our concealer, they wanted you to play a little game if you posted a picture to Instagram. They gave you a token and you placed it in a pink palm tree, and waited for a mystery ball to come down. Each ball had a different prize. You could get tattoos (so glad I didn’t get those!), Better Than Sex mascara or the Melted lipstick. I got the mascara!
Retail Value: Concealer – $38 / Mascara – $15

I wanted my next stop to be Make Up For Ever but the line was closed, so we made our way over to Smashbox! This line moved super quickly, even though it was one of the largest booths. The gift was a full size Photo Finish primer! I didn’t know you could get different ones. I ended up with the pore minimizing version! They also gave you an X-Rated mascara for following them on Instagram! At this booth, you could get your makeup done too!
Retail Value: Primer – $50 / Mascara – $12.50 (estimated)

On our way to Nyx, we stopped by a booth that was creating makeup bags. I think they were designed by a couple of the Ipsy girls, who I know nothing about except the fact that they are gorgeous and really good at makeup! Mine was designed by Christen Dominique but I chose it because it was the cutest! Again, they wanted you to Instagram a picture with hashtags, and you could win a free year subscription to Ipsy. This event was very much about being connected with social media!
Retail Value: $5 (estimated)


Nyx was the next large booth we went to. The wait was about 45 minutes. While we were waiting in line, one of the workers was handing out a Rocker Chic eyeshadow palette. We had to give her our ticket for this gift but she told us to stay in line. A lot of us were confused by this because we were already given our gift so why would we want to stand in line still? One of my friends found a worker to ask and she said we would also receive a lip palette! When we got closer to the front of the line, I heard workers arguing with people that they only get one gift, so if you got the eyeshadow palette, you won’t get the lip one. This is just one example of the contradicting information we kept getting from staff. Eventually, it came to fruition that we could get the lip palette if we filmed a 30-second video in a booth. My friend and I went in and we hope it was bad enough that they won’t use it for their YouTube video!! There were 4 choices of colours for the lip palette and I chose the pinks! We could also stand in another line to get a chocolate bar from a vending machine that contained a coupon but with the lengths of the lines, we didn’t want to waste too much time.
Retail Value: Eyeshadow – $27.12 / Lip palette – $21.95

Pretty much after every line, we would go check the MUFE line and every single time it was closed. I was pretty mad about that! So we went to the Physicians Formula line next. It was a long line but I don’t think we waited more than 20 minutes. We were able to choose between 4 full-size products. I’ve always wanted to try this brand and I had a hard time choosing. I actually regret my choice now and wish I chose the contour stick but I ended up choosing the bronzer (my first of many bronzers). You could also choose a blush stick or a BB cream.
Retail Value: $19.99

I knew I wanted to get to Luxie since I loved their brush I got from my last Ipsy bag. They were giving out the same tapered highlighter brush that I already have but this one has a pink handle! I liked how this booth had two separate lines for people who wanted to buy something and for those who just wanted their gift. Very smart thinking! A worker told us the brushes were 40% off but when we got to the front, the lady was pretty upset. “Who told you that?!?!” Apparently they were only 20% off. XD
Retail Value: $30.95

Ogx was nearby the Luxie booth and there was barely a lineup, so we went there next. The gift was pretty crappy. It was just a one-time use shampoo/conditioner foil. I was pretty let down because I absolutely love this brand and was hoping for something good!
Retail Value: .17 cents (lol)

We went to Caudalie next because there was no lineup, only for them to tell us that they don’t have any gifts today but they will have them tomorrow. We were starting to figure out that if there was a very short line, it was for a reason! XD

After checking the MUFE line again, we decided to go to Benefit. I believe it was this line I was standing in when someone came up to me, who at first I assumed was staff, but it turned out to be a lady from one of the Ipsy swap groups I’m part of! She recognized my name on my badge and came to say hello! I feel like this line we waited for around half an hour. The gift ended up being their Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer.
Retail Value: $6

So at this point, we had been there for 4 hours and only managed to get 7 booths done, with only an hour left to go. When I looked at my map and saw we still had 14 booths to go, I was getting really worried. We still had day 2, but it was scheduled 11-3, instead of 11-5. It seemed like so many of the lines were closed. We tried to go to Tarte but were turned away. We went to PÜR and they were closed, too. My friend started talking to the staff member and told her how most the lines were closed, so how are we supposed to do anything this last hour? The worker told her that we are absolutely welcome to join the lines, but they are closing them so that we know there is no guarantee that we will get to the front of the line by 5 o’ clock. We thanked her and decided to go back to Tarte to get in that closed line. This worker was not pleasant with us at all and told us there was no way we were allowed in line. We told her what we were told and she said absolutely no one can join the line. She was not nice at all.

We noticed that the crowds were beginning to thin out. I think it was because so many lines were closed and probably most people didn’t ask about joining closed ones. Luckily, my friends and I were able to take advantage of this. Some lines at this point were pretty short, so we ran over to Cake Beauty, which by the way, I always thought their brand name was Delectable! XD We didn’t wait long at all and we got a sample of their Delectable It’s Everything Balm! Their booth was the cutest one at the convention, and we took pictures with blow up donuts and adorable props!
Retail Value: $5.60

The Cake booth was right by the Tarte booth and we overheard the girl that turned us away get in shit by another staff member. I don’t know if it was for poor customer service or what, but I was happy that I was now able to join the line with the new worker there! We didn’t have to wait long because the closed sign kept people away. We got a full size Tarteist mascara!
Retail Value: $28

We were really able to motor through the lines at this point. They were super short at the smaller booths (still long at the large ones). We headed over to Royal and Langnickel where we received a gorgeous and super soft turquoise brush from their MODA line. My friend and I got different ones so I believe there were a bunch of different ones being handed out. We didn’t get to choose though. I’m really impressed with these brushes and they are cheap too!
Retail Value: $9.01

Rock Your Hair was next. Again, we got through the line super fast; less than 10 minutes. The free gift was a Spray It Big hair spray. The guy who I assume is the creator of the line was there doing demonstrations before we were able to get our gift. I got annoyed with him because he told me to put out my hand and then tried to spray it, so I took my hand back because I didn’t want hair spray product on my hands (sensitive skin). He made a big deal about it, and was really pushy with me in front of everyone. “What are you afraid of? Just give me your hand,” etc. Not in a nice way but in a belittling tone. At that point I just wanted to walk away, but I wanted my gift! To be honest, when people act like that, it will make me not buy your product so congrats whoever you were!
Retail Value: $7.73

Pur-lisse is a brand I already love and have researched so I knew the creator/CEO is Jennifer Yen and it was pretty cool that she was there personally! I was really tempted to buy some products because they were in the $20 range when most of her stuff is retail $70++. I resisted though and just picked up my sample of Blue Lotus Eye Adore Serum. I love this stuff!!
Retail Value: $38.26

Our very last stop on Saturday was Absolute New York. We got to the front of the line just in time!! They had two games to play. The first was a wheel to spin which determined which product you would receive. I got the Intense Lip Polish. We got to choose our colour but there were only 2 left that I knew I wouldn’t wear, so I chose fuchsia. After the wheel, we got to do a Plinko style game. We dropped our token down and wherever it landed is the prize we got. I won their Bronze Balm cream bronzer.
Retail Value: Lip polish – $7.72 / Bronzer – $9.01

And that was the end of day one for us! I couldn’t believe we got 6 booths done in an hour! That took off a lot of the stress I was feeling about getting so many done the next day in only 4 hours. Now we had only 8 booths to do on Sunday.

Here is the Saturday swag bag! I’m in love with the Tarte powder brush! It’s huge and soft and dense and perfect! I think the bag wasn’t the best. Other than the mascara and liner, I think most of this stuff will go in my gifting/giveaway pile.

Tarte Bamboo Pressed Powder Brush – $41, Crown Brush Brow Duo – $10.57, Nyx Butter Gloss – $6.44, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil – $6.53, Benefit The Porefessional Face Primer – $5.45, Absolute New York Duo Stroke Liquid Liner – $14.17, Too Faced Glitter Glue Primer – $12, Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant – $15, Ogx Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo – $1.40
Total Bag Value: $112.56


And that was it for Day One of Generation Beauty! I will do a separate post for Day Two, coming right up!

Edit: Day two is now up here!

Stay tuned!
xoxo, Tigritsa

5 thoughts on “The One with Generation Beauty by Ipsy 2016 Toronto (Day One)”

  1. Awesome first day! Its kind of sad that there was so much miscommunication at Genbeauty – I also went. At Nyx they kept telling us we’d get two gifts then when I actually got in the booth they sad we’d only get one gift- the lip palette. At absolute I only got to play one game! Caudile didnt even bring samples Saturday :/


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