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The One with the Julep Free Gift

Julep is a subscription box I’ve wanted to try for awhile. I have 4 subscriptions on the go so I was trying to be good, but I knew that Julep always put out great offers to get new people to sign up. I was waiting for the perfect one for me and I finally got an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Check out this 12-piece nail polish gift set. It is beautiful! And it was FREE! I paid nothing for this, not even shipping. For signing up using a referral link, all I had to do was subscribe to one month of Julep. To get this free gift, use my referral link here, take the little beauty quiz, and then once you’ve added your subscription to your cart, use the code GIFT12 to get this $168 gift set for free.

Note: I have had trouble with Julep’s referral links lately and it won’t open in Firefox for me. When I use Chrome, I have no problem. I also found that copy and pasting the link into the address bar will work OR right clicking the link and selecting “open in new window.”


Interesting to note that even though I signed up in April, I’m not getting my first box until June. Or at least, that’s how I understood it. But I was sent the free gift on it’s own, which is super awesome and more than ties me over until next month!

I want to show you guys some more pictures of the nail polishes because I’m totally in love. Some of the colours look a little similar but you’ll see in the close up pictures that they’re different!

Top to bottom: Tiffany | Pink radish jelly | Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl, Randi | Pink plumeria crème | Finish: Crème, Juliana | Pink grapefruit sheer iridescent | Finish: Shimmer

Top to bottom: Jenna | Tangerine burst crème | Finish: Crème, Saaya | Golden apricot shimmer | Finish: Shimmer, Sunny | Overexposed yellow chrome | Finish: Metallic/Chrome

Top to bottom: Elsa | Snowdrift iridescent stardust | Finish: Special Effect, Shelly | Wintermint crème | Finish: Crème, Brandis | Taos turquoise crème | Finish: Crème

Top to bottom: Danielle | Cerulean wave duochrome | Finish: Metallic/Chrome, Kayla | Electric iris sheer with violet sheen | Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl, Madelynn | Imperial purple shimmer | Finish: Shimmer

When signing up, Julep gives you the option to add some items to your order for a one-time limited discounted signing up price. So, I of course took the bait and ordered two more nail polishes.

Top to bottom: Mariah | Plum eclipse microshimmer | Finish: Shimmer, Tali | Glacier breeze linear liquid holographic | Finish: Special Effect

I used the Saaya shade already. I love the quality of these nail polishes. I was really surprised how good they are. They are 100% vegan, which is fantastic. Also, their shop is really awesome and only gets better when you become a “Maven” (subscriber). Everything is discounted when you’re a Maven and they always have great sales too. I actually ordered from their shop last Christmas for gifts and got 5 polishes for $16.98!

Happy Mother’s Day,
xoxo Tigritsa

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