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The One with the Birchbox Canada February 2016 Box

For those who have not heard the news, BirchBox Canada is being put “on hold.” While this implies that it will be back, there is no info on if and when. Understandably, the Canadian dollar and skyrocketing shipping costs have played a big factor in their decision. I love this box and I love this company so I’m a little sad about this.

At first I was worried I was going to be out money because I had an annual subscription, but Birchbox truly does have great customer service, and they refunded me. I was worried because there was an announcement that we would get our refund in points to use in their shop, which wouldn’t have been right.

So, alas, this will be my last Birchbox post for awhile! I am going to miss getting this monthly, for sure. The last box went out with a bang! While I got the dreaded perfume sample, I’m very pleased with the rest of my box.

Living proof Restore Mask Treatment

I am super excited to try out this hair mask. I’ve been dying to try a product from this company. Did you know it is co-owned by Jennifer Aniston?! The products are pretty expensive so I’m happy to get one in a box that cost me 10 bucks. This one claims to make hair up to 20 times stronger, in addition to repairing dry and damaged hair!

Color Club Nail Lacquer

I received the colour “That’s My Jam” and it’s a beautiful pinkish red. This is just a mini bottle but I never finish a nail polish anyway so I think it will last me awhile. I love that this company is vegan, and 100% cruelty-free. That’s always a plus in my books.

CLEAN White Woods Eau de Parfum

Ok, so here is the one product I wasn’t happy with. I am just not a fan of receiving perfume samples. I find them kind of useless. They are too difficult to use, in my opinion. I don’t mind the spray bottle samples, but not these ones. It smells pretty good, but not enough for me to buy the bottle. It’s described as top notes of bergamot, mandarin, and black pepper, followed by notes of magnolia, lily and vanilla orchid.

Key West Aloe Gentle Facial Cleanser

I’m anxious to try this cleanser! I really like aloe products, and this one is 30%. It is a foaming wash that cleans, calms, and rebalances skin. It also says it will tone and soften the skin. I like the smell of this stuff, too.

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm

This stuff is so cool! This was my sample choice this month and I’m glad I picked it. I’m a lip balm fanatic, and so far, I find it very nice on my lips. What is super neat about this is that it is a tinted lip balm. The formula adjusts to each wearers pH, enhancing their natural lip colour. For me, the colour turns a very nice light pinkish red. Subtle, but noticeable! Such a nice touch to the lips.

So, that’s it! The final Canadian BirchBox! Any other Canadians super sad about this? It will be hard to find a replacement, especially one that beats the price! Hopefully they will be back in Canada at some point, as they did say they are putting their operations on hold. Not closing down! Let’s hope!

Until next time,

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