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The One with the BirchBox Canada December 2015 Box

I have to say, BirchBox is one of my favourite subscription boxes. Their point system is so great! For those that don’t know, every dollar spent in their shop, or on add-ons, gives you points that you can redeem. Their customer service is also so terrific, they offer you free points when something has been screwed up. So, since I signed up in October, I’ve been able to get $60 free on my shop orders! How awesome is that?!

With all that said, I was a little disappointed  in December’s box. I think because it was so close to being a hit. There were just small details that were bothering me, and I’ll explain more as I go on.

Coastal Scents formalEYES eye shadow

We were able to choose between 3 different colour palettes for this month, and I chose these really pretty shades of pink. The one on the left is matte, and the right one is nice and shimmery. I was happy to receive eye shadow in my box. I was surprised just how small the sample was, though.

Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream

I wasn’t upset at receiving a body cream. While I would have liked to try something more exciting, it’s something that is useable no matter what. Like most people, my skin gets pretty dry in the winter. The smell is very light. It’s described as citrus-floral, but I really don’t smell any citrus scent at all!

Bain de Terre Argan Oil & Passion Flower Color Therapy Styling Oil

Another BirchBox, another hair oil. I’m not sure why they keep sending me these hair oils. Every month so far, I have received one. The others I’ve been able to put to good use, but this one, I’m not a fan. Aside from the lovely scent, it’s main purpose is to add shine according to the description. If I’m going to use an oil in my hair, I need something more than that.

Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge

This stuff was such a near-hit for me. If only I received it in a colour that wasn’t bright purple! The shade is called “Paris” and I don’t even see it on the BirchBox website. I’m not sure why subscription boxes like to always send me such bright or dark colours. In the surveys they provide, I have things like “natural” and “beginner” at makeup selected! This stuff smells amazing, and I love the way it goes on my lips. It’s not a colour I can wear out unfortunately, but I’m positive I would love this product in a different colour.

My Daughter Fragrances Always Loved

If there’s one thing I didn’t ever want to receive in a subscription box, it’s perfume. One, it’s not something I wear very often. Two, I’m really picky about what smells I wear. The last thing I want to do is have the people around me disgusted with the fragrance I chose to wear! I find these little samples so useless, too. I never use them! To be honest, I can’t even open the darn thing to give it a good smell! XD

I received this box in late December, and I haven’t touched a thing in there since, except the lip rouge, just to try it on. Usually, I try out all the products within a few days. I just wasn’t excited about the products I received! They weren’t the worst, but with the way my survey is filled out, I was hoping to get more items I will actually use. Otherwise, what’s the point in us filling out these surveys if they don’t utilize them?

With all that said, I’m still a big fan of BirchBox. I think every subscription box will have up and down months, and this month wasn’t horrible by any means. It did come with a $10 off a $35 purchase coupon, which was great to use in the shop combined with my points!

Until next time,
Tigritsa xoxo

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