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The One with the Birchbox Canada November 2015 Box

Along with my Ipsy glam bag, I received my BirchBox Canada box on Friday! Out of my 3 monthly subscriptions, BirchBox was the one I was looking forward to most, for a couple of reasons. One, last month’s box was such a hit for me. I really was blown away that I received 5 products that I loved and was able to use. Two, I really enjoy their YouTube videos, social media accounts in general, and the overall feel I get from their company.

Another thing I like about BirchBox is they let you customize an item in your box (or choose a curated box, where you will see everything you are getting in advance). Everyone received a LOC Shadow Stick, and I was able to choose my colour, which was pretty awesome. So, let’s take a look inside the gorgeous green box.

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

I got a Beauty Protector item in my last BirchBox and it’s just about gone. I really loved it and I think I will buy a full size. This product didn’t come in the same type of spray bottle as the other one. Instead, it came in these two little glass bottles. It is supposed to defend against heat and breakage. I would consider using this product on my ends to fight breakage but I’m not sure about using an oil anywhere else in my hair. While I don’t like the packaging, I have high hopes for this product. It does smell amazing, might I add.

Benefit Puff Off! Eye Gel

I’m not prone to puffy eyes but I am definitely not immune. It does happen every now and then. I am a mom, afterall. 😉 I will save this for one of those days. It says it instantly reduces puffiness, and also, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, which is an added bonus.

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Blow Dry Spray

I’ve never used a blow dry spray before! Actually, I don’t even blow dry my hair. I stopped using excess heat on my hair years and years ago and it has made a huge difference. Maybe once every 3 months, I will use a blow dryer. This product is supposed to give added volume, so I will save it for those very odd times that I do pick up the hair dryer. I find it strange that a heat protectant is not in its formula. It smells really really good, though.

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick

This was the product that we were able to choose our colour. I chose Day Trip, which is described as a warm copper. I had the hardest time choosing between the 3 choices because they all looked so pretty! In the end, I chose a more neutral shade since I’m just getting used to makeup again. I’ve tried this on already and wow, it really is a stunning shade. This is a creaseless, waterproof shadow. It’s not going anywhere until you decide to remove it! I should point out that it is shimmery.

Temple Spa La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel

I saved the worst for last. At first glance, I thought, “who can’t use body wash?” That was before I took the lid off to take a whiff. You know, there are always going to be scents you love, and then scents that aren’t your cup of tea. And then there is this. It’s simply not useable. It stinks so bad. Whoever thought mixing peppermint, basil and patchouli together for a shower gel really did not smell the finished product!

This BirchBox was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I didn’t love it as much as October’s box. My favourite item is definitely the LOC Shadow Stick. The hair oil, eye gel and blow dry spray aren’t bad items but they don’t really cater to my needs so I have a feeling they will be sitting around for a long time before I get around to using them. And then there’s the awful shower gel that I might just toss since I won’t use it anyway. I know I’m not as happy as last month, but when you think about it, the cost of the shadow stick alone is $12 so that makes the price of the box worth it!

Stay tuned for my TopBox review!
xoxo, Tigritsa

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